Most Disappointing Pokémon Evolutions Of Each Generation

Trying to evolve is one of the many player goals in the game Pokémon game, but some evolution turns out to be disappointing in the end. Whether raising a Pokémon from its egg to its final form or raising a starter for its first evolution, watching a Pokémon grow and change in a trainer’s journey is one of many. Pokémon What a fascinating series. However, while there are many great evolutions for players to collect, there are also some real losers who end up stuck in the storage box.

One of the biggest reasons why Pokémon Evolution is one of the worst is due to poor design. Every generation in Pokémon There are a few ugly ducklings on the pictures of the series. While this shouldn’t be a big deal for un-evolved Pokémon, as the player can choose not to capture and farm them, it’s much more annoying when this unfortunate design appears at the end of the evolution sequence. What starts out as a cute addition to a player’s team can easily turn into a nightmare monster as it evolves.

Pokémon’s Worst Evolutionary Design: Generation 1 – Muk

The only way to really avoid some of these failures is to check each evolution sequence before spending time raising each Pokémon, but that can ruin the surprise of organically discovering Pokémon in each region. muscle. Not every evolution makes it possible for Magikarp to evolve into Gyarados, and while Generation 1 has a very solid design across all of the original 151 Pokémon, Muk is definitely a stunner. Grimer’s evolved form is essentially its pre-evolved form, but larger. Muk is a poison, nothing more than a pile of sentient liquid. That earned it awards for least original design and worst Evolved Pokémon of the entire generation.

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Pokémon’s Worst Evolutionary Design: Generation 2 – Octillery

Octillery standing on white background.

Gen 2 Pokémon Octillery makes no sense. The final evolved form of the Fish Pokémon Remoraid, this water-type Pokémon has an uninteresting design, as it’s basically just an octopus with a long nose. The real problem, however, is that Remoraid has an interesting design for its fish-inspired Pokémon, the way it transforms into an octopus, and is one of the worst Pokémon evolutions ever. . Pokémon GO my friend Magikarp, when it evolves into Gyarados it has a fantasy element, Octillery doesn’t make sense as an evolution, it feels like it should stand alone.

Pokémon’s Worst Evolutionary Design: Generation 3 – Slaking

Nine standing on white background.

After Generations 1 and 2, Generation 3 features a wide variety of Pokémon, from popular designs like Gardevoir to regrettable and forgettable ones like Slaking. Slaking’s entire evolutionary sequence isn’t magical, and it suffers the sad fate many ordinary Pokémon face: oblivion.

Slaking has only one set of defensive moves, and moves like Rest and Recovery make it a difficult opponent to take down. However, since it spends most of the battle sleeping and recuperating, rather than attacking, it’s only useful for players trying to stop the fight while they revive their fallen teammates. other province. This is easily the worst Pokémon evolution design in Gen 3.

Pokémon’s Worst Evolution Design: Generation 4 – Probopass

Probopass standing on white background.

Generation 4 Pokémon is a strange jumble of additional evolutions from previous generations. Probopass is no exception, its pre-evolved Nosepass is from the 3rd generation. Although it may have been inspired by Chile’s Easter Island head of state, they were not successful. Instead, the Probopass is a floating steel/stone nose with numerous nose hairs growing out of the nostrils. Pokémon Combined with the lack of a pre-evolved design, Probopass isn’t the most appealing option for groups of players, and one of the worst Pokémon evolution designs.

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Worst Pokémon Evolution Design: Generation 5 – Conkeldurr

Conkeldurr standing on white background.

Generation 5 Pokémon contains many regrettable designs such as Trubbish and Vanillite. However, Conkeldurr has this generation’s ugliest final evolution pie. The battle-type Pokémon was developed from Timburr, and the design of the entire series incorporates a grotesque ridge. Conkeldurr’s beige skin and scary face make it encounter ugly and scary things as it roams Sword and Shield wild area. For players who want a solid fighting style, Lucario is a much better choice than this poor Pokémon evolution design, and it looks really good.

Pokémon’s Worst Evolutionary Design: Generation 6 – Malamar

Malamar standing on white background.

Generation 6 removed the poor design of previous generations and brought players a great range of Pokémon. However, Malamar is not one of them. Evolved from Inkay, a cute little squid Pokémon, this dark/spiritual type looks like an alien.

Not only is it ridiculously tall, with demonic eyes on the side of its squid beak, but the animation gives it a particularly creepy personality, as it often attacks Ash and his friends and takes over. capture the minds of unsuspecting victims. This upside-down squid can easily be swapped out for another type of psychic in Team Pokémon, which should keep one of the worst Pokémon evolution designs from going unused.

Pokémon’s Worst Evolutionary Design: Generation 7 – Incineroar

Burner stand on white background.

Generation 7 has some really creative and fun designs for players to add to their Pokédex. The biggest design disappointment of this generation, however, is one of three Pokémon that started in the Alola region, though at least it’s not one of Generation 7’s forgettable Pokémon. Incinerators are the process. Litten’s ultimate evolution and one of the worst Pokémon evolution designs ever created. It caught the cute fire cat and put it on its legs like a wrestler. Out of all the design choices a developer can make with this launcher, Incineroar is not exactly what people want. To frustrate Pokémon even more, it’s not the fire/fight type to match its pro wrestling theme, but the fire/dark type, making the overall design confusing.

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Pokémon’s Worst Evolutionary Design: Generation 8 – Grimmsnarl

In Sword and Shield, Grimmsnarl stands on a white background.

The Galar region in Generation 8 offers the same quality of design that players must see Pokémon X&Y, many cute and powerful new Pokémon have joined the region’s Pokédex. However, if Galar had an ugly face, then Grimsnar took first place. Grimmsnarl is the final evolved form of the fearsome little Pokémon Impidimp, a dark/fairy-type creature similar to a creature from horror movies and the worst Pokémon evolution design in Generation 8. Although the Pokémon is inspired by evil fairies in English mythology, but overall the design could be a bit less feathery and possibly more ethereal. Grimmsnarl’s Gigantamax Model Sword and Shield Pokémon That doesn’t help either, because it just becomes a bigger version of its ugly self.

The Worst Evolutionary Design of Pokémon: Generation 9 – Blackberry Ghost

Brambleghast standing on white background.

There were many bad Pokémon evolutions in the Paldea region in Gen 9, but the worst Pokémon evolution design in Gen 9 was Brambleghast. It’s not a bad design in itself, but it closely resembles its predecessor, Bramblin. This Pokémon comes from scarlet and purple A class that lacks creativity. It is easy to confuse Brambleghast with Bramblin because the difference is so small. Even the similar Tandemaus and Maushold have significant differences. Honorable mentions for the worst Pokémon evolution design in Paldea go to Pawmot, Spidops, and Palafin (zero form).

For some Pokémon, evolution doesn’t make them any more appealing for players to join their party. A poor Pokémon evolution design can destroy a solid pre-evolved design or create a series of easily forgotten or regrettable evolutions that the player may not want to hang around in the most area. determined. And every Pokémon The generation since the first has faded, thank goodness Pokémon The series offers a lot of strong and fun designs to make up for it.

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