Mother dog with broken leg leads vets two miles to her puppies

Despite a broken leg, the hound was discovered wandering the streets leading the vet two kilometers to its pup.

Regardless of the broken leg, the gray terrier was discovered wandering the streets which led the vet two kilometers to her cubs. Lianne Powell, a psychologist, was the one who discovered the puppy and took it to a specialist.

They discovered that she was producing milk and that the pet dog had indeed just given birth. “We put a necklace on her and tied her with a long chain.

Then we followed her… Veterinarian Ellen Sobry told the Daily Mail: “She knew where she was going.” “She led us into alleys and highways, through fields and along sleazy roads, dragging her actors to areas… In the background were 10 cute puppies. pretty, chubby, low on drugs,” Powell said.

“It was unbelievable – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Sobry continued. That dog doesn’t understand who we are and we only met her an hour ago, so it’s amazing she decided to trust us and show us where they are.”

Vera, the mother hound, as well as her puppies are being treated at Ellen’s facility. Ibizan Canine Rescue is sure to help them find a permanent home to take care of as soon as they are ready.

A woman discovered the puppy and also took it to the vet. There, they realized that she simply had a puppy. “We put a collar on her and gave her a long leash… Then we just followed her. …”. “She led us down the messy streets, jumping and dragging her bandages…”

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“Inside the back are 10 beautiful, fat, healthy little puppies.” “It was extraordinary that she decided to believe us and let us know where they were.” Vera is the name of the Greyhound mother, and she is also being treated at a veterinary facility with her puppies. They will quickly find a loving, long-lasting home as they wait to be adopted.

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