“Nanny” A Horror Movie Is Set To Be Released On Prime Video

Nanny, Prime Video’s first psychological horror film, is due to premiere on the streaming site on Friday, December 16 at 12 a.m. GMT (tentative time). The film depicts the tale of an African immigrant residing in New York City, whose life takes a surprising turn once she obtains a job as a nanny. The film stars Anna Diop as the protagonist, as well as a slew of other performers in key supporting parts. Nikyatu Jusu, a well-known independent director, wrote and directed Nanny.

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Nanny on Prime Video: Trailer, Plot, What to Expect, and Additional Information

On August 30, Amazon Prime Video released the official trailer for the film, providing a glimpse into the nightmare world in which heroine Aisha finds herself. It began with an emotional chat between a mother and her son in which they showed their love for one another. The video then briefly mentioned Aisha’s life once she started working as a nanny. The trailer’s second half became darker as Aisha’s American Dream was portrayed on the edge of being ruined.


Overall, the teaser maintained a terrifying tone that lovers of psychological thrillers and horror will undoubtedly like. Along with the teaser, Prime Video posted the following official description on their YouTube channel:

“In this psychological horror tale, Aisha (Anna Diop), a newly immigrated Senegalese lady, is recruited to care for the kid of a wealthy couple (Michelle Monaghan and Morgan Spector) residing in New York City.”

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The summary went on to say:

“Haunted by the absence of her small son, Aisha thinks her new profession will allow her to bring him to the United States, but she is more worried by the family’s tumultuous home life. As his arrival draws closer, a menacing force starts to infiltrate both her dreams and her reality, jeopardizing the American ideal she has worked so hard to piece together.”

According to the official trailer and description, viewers can expect a strong, character-driven drama that delves deep into the most difficult sides of human existence. The film was released in select theaters on November 23 and garnered overwhelmingly good reviews from both audiences and reviewers, who praised the film’s atmosphere, script, and performances by the actors.


More information about the cast of Nanny

The film stars Anna Diop as Aisha, an African immigrant seeking to start a new life in New York City. The performer looks fantastic in the teaser, perfectly expressing her character’s flaws, anxiety, and despair. Fans may anticipate the actor to provide an enthralling performance. Diop has also been featured in HBO Max’s Titans, 24: Legacy, and The Messengers, to mention a few. Actors such as Michelle Monaghan as Amy, Morgan Spector as Adam, and Sinqua Walls as Malik appear with Diop in vital supporting parts.

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