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CheatMenu (“Settings” bottom right), you can add/unlock anything you want

Perhaps we are too familiar with the justice hero role-playing games. What about the game where you will become the dark lord against humanity? Maybe it’s a feeling you’ve never experienced. If you want to try being a rebel for a while, then NecroMerger is just what you’re looking for. The game is built with the necessary tools that allow you to carry out your plan to take over humanity. Once you’ve created a mighty army, use them to conquer the world and spread darkness everywhere. Just a perfect plan. The world will be completely in your hands.

Perhaps after becoming the Dark Lord, we will have many new plans. For example, building high-rise buildings to contain and torture people. Or use your army to capture their great cities. But in the wizarding world of NecroMerger, you will raise a beast named Devourer. They are mysterious creatures with dark powers, always hungry for human blood. The process of raising them is also not easy. Humanity will forever hunt and destroy your dark powers. So work carefully and secretly.

Download mod NecroMerger – Might of the Dark Lord

Although built on 2D images, NecroMerger has extremely eye-catching photos. The spooky sound combined with a little dark color will make you feel creepy. The plot is relatively simple and not too deep, but makes players unable to take their eyes off. There are many miracles in the life of the dark lord waiting for you to discover. The process of becoming a world hegemon is a very long journey. Not to mention, countless little guys want to stop your journey. Destroying them all may be simpler than dragging them down the path of sin.

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NecroMerger apk free

Cultivate the Devourer, the source of infinite power

The terrible monsters in this world that are always thirsty for human blood are collectively known as Devourers. They come in different varieties, each with their own special powers. In the journey to conquer the world, they will be extremely reliable partners. As a beginner you will be given the basic species and its minimum level. So it’s better to upgrade different types and classes by piecing them together. This gives them more power and unlocks more bonus points for you.

Necro Merger Robot

Once they reach a certain power threshold, this is your chance to take down those pesky heroes. They will keep coming and trying to kill you. Don’t worry, your companion is ready to add them to his menu tonight. But sometimes, they are businessmen and give off a sense of mystery. Destroy the heretics righteously and wisely. Who knows, precious possessions will hang on their heads.

build your dark lair

Having a reputation as a dark lord without having a lair of his own is absurd. So at NecroMerger, you’ll have the ability to build a shelter to suit your style. Luxurious decoration, large iron bed, warm medicine…etc. Various decoration styles are waiting for you to unleash your creativity. Try to build yourself a horrifying lair that anyone who steps in will have to cry.

NecroMerger Mod Free

master the evil curse

There’s no way a dark lord wouldn’t have his own power. A complete system of pre-built courses for you to choose from. Start with the simplest and most accessible vowels. However, their power has many limitations. But when you reach a certain level of power, you will unlock more types of evil spells. They are an important factor for you to defeat your enemies and become the ruler of the world.

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NecroMerger . module

Collect valuable resources

The intruders in your lair don’t always want to destroy you. Sometimes, merchants even give you a lot of incentives that you can’t ignore. The exchanged items will be preserved and beautify your colorful collection. Their variety is amazing, from shape to color. When you collect enough components, you can exchange them for many attractive rewards.

Maybe you know something about the wonderful life of a brutal dictator. But I assure you, it will be more interesting if you experience it for yourself. What are you waiting for, download the NecroMerger mod to build your empire.

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