Nessa Barrett Opens Up About Her Weight Loss And Eating Disorder

Nessa Barrett released the song “dying on the inside” with an accompanying music video on February 25, 2022. Alt-pop singer-songwriter who believes in honesty and straightforwardness with people. fan, has previously spoken out about her. BPD, anxiety and sadness.

And this time, after many battles, she’s finally opened up about her struggles with weight loss and eating disorders in her haunting dance-rock song. The song is about the false standards of beauty that make many young people preoccupied with losing weight and suffering from eating disorders. “I talked about my borderline personality disorder, anxiety and sadness.” Barrett said in a statement: “But there’s one thing that I have trouble talking about with my eating problems. She added that she wanted to communicate her problems while also writing a song that people could empathize with. Even if listeners don’t have an eating disorder, they can still empathize because they can be compared online.

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Nessa Barrett on her eating disorder and weight loss

In an interview with Nylon to promote her new song, the singer detailed her problem, saying she didn’t know it was the problem. Barrett’s relationship with food took a turn for the worse when she compared herself to her high school peers. She wanted to look more like them, so she embarked on an unhealthy weight loss program.

“First, I tell my mom to make me lunch or say, ‘Mom, I’m going to buy lunch at school,’ and then I don’t eat anything.” “Sometimes I hide my dinner or pretend to eat it in my room before flushing it down the toilet,” he said.

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The singer would go to Tumblr and look for things about anorexia that she didn’t know were problematic or uncomfortable to look at. She is preoccupied with “metrics” and weight loss. Unfortunately, her internet fame has made it worse. People started commenting on her appearance, claiming she was overweight and asking if she was pregnant or had gained weight. Years later, at the age of 18, she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and discovered that eating problems often co-occur with BPD.

Nessa Barrett’s Recovery Journey

The artist saw that too little was said about nutrition and wrote a song about it. It was also her first step towards healing. Each of her writing sessions begins with therapy. In an interview with Seventeen, she discussed what she learned from her therapists.

“I’ve been working with my therapist and we’re doing something called a reality check.” I’ll read a bad comment and my emotional mind will say, ‘Oh my God, this is the truth.’ But I stopped for a moment to ask myself, ‘Is that really true?’ Will other people’s reactions to it affect my self-worth, narcissism, or confidence? “Is that my identity from now on, based on a comment?” – said the male singer.

Nessa Barrett

That’s not the case, of course, so Barrett points out that it’s about fact-checking and taking a moment to realize that such a statement makes no sense.

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