New Blue Beetle Trailer Reveals First DCU Superman Reboot Reference

a new one green beetle The trailer apparently pointed to the film’s DC Universe setting, with the rebooted Superman’s name dropped. As the DCEU is coming to an end this year, James Gunn’s new DC Universe will arrive a little earlier thanks green beetle. While Jaime Reyes’ solo film may not have been designed to fit the new series from the start, green beetle It will be included in the construction of DC Studios in the next few years.

Like most superhero movies, it’s set green beetle There will be some Washington DC Easter eggs here and there. In fact, Batman was mentioned in the first part. green beetle Trailer. However, it looks like another member of the Justice League will be mentioned as a new character green beetle Trailer (via @DCVerso1) refers to another DC symbol.

During this period green beetle In the trailer, Jaime is experimenting with the scarab, trying to learn how to fly. As James tried to cheer himself up, he ended up saying: “Superman can fly” This is also the first time Superman: Man of Steel is mentioned in the movie.

How Blue Bugs Built the New DC Universe

a skillful way, green beetle A new DC Universe is under construction, though it was never originally intended. One of the key details Gunn revealed about his new series is that superheroes are founded and operate within this continuum, so the premise Superman: Legacywill be about a younger version of Clark Kent, who was already an expensive messiah. and green beetle Now that Batman and Superman have been mentioned, it wouldn’t be surprising if other DC heroes planned for new series are mentioned throughout the story.

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green beetle It could essentially be thought of as a light-hearted opening to Gunn’s first chapter in the DC Universe, “Gods and Monsters,” or in comic book terms, Problem 0, to the larger universe. It may not place items directly, such as Superman: Legacy, brave and fearlessor some Max programs, including lanternbut it’s basically a taste of this particular corner in the new DC Studios continuity. What can I help? green beetle The difference with DC references and names is that it never shows the audience anything visual, thus avoiding conflicts with the DC Universe later when they have multiple actors and designer costumes. more design.

With less than a month left until the end of the game, time will tell green beetle be both important and commercial, especially in speed The film failed miserably at the box office. What’s more interesting to watch later green beetle is how and where Jaime appears next in Gunn’s DC universe. green beetle In a few weeks, Warner Bros. Discovery Channel. will finally get ready for superhero victory for the new DC Universe.

source: @DCVerso1/Twitter

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