Poppy Playtime Ch. 2 Theory – Stella Is Actually Kissy Missy

opium playtimeThe second chapter of Playtime Co was recently released, which has led to more theories about what is going on inside Playtime Co. detect. guess. From chapter two on, a lot of people started speculating that Stella might actually be the monster Kissy Missy.

[Warning: Spoilers For Poppy Playtime Ch. 2 Are Below.]

Stella is a supporting character in the movie opium playtimehas a unique appearance. Her only appearance in the game so far is in the first chapter of the game, where the player can find a tape. opium playtime And listen to her interview for the Playtime Co job. In the recording, Stella recounts to the interviewer that she loved to play with toys as a child, which made her seen as a kind woman.

Initially, it was speculated that Stella was actually Poppy because she loved playing with toys as a child. However, since the release of Chapter 2, speculation is changing and Stella could actually be Kissy Missy. There are several hints in Chapter 2 to support this theory.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Chapter 2 – Why Stella Can Really Be a Kissing Girl

The biggest proof that Stella is Kissy Missy can be found in the second chapter when the player boardes the game ship and enters the room. On the platform next to the train, there was a cardboard picture of Kissy Missy. opium playtime Wears the commander’s uniform and has a large red button that plays a sound when the player presses it. When the player presses the button, the clip art starts speaking in Stella’s voice instead of a previously unheard female voice. The lines are generic, such as the train countdown, but the fact that it uses Stella’s voice and not something else seems like a deliberate choice by the developers.

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Another, smaller hint could be when the player actually meets Kissy Missy. Players find themselves trapped behind a door with a lever to open it on the other side. Kissy Missy appeared from the corridor, but not as hostile as the other monsters Poppy’s Playtime Chapter 2, she is curious, docile and friendly, only opening the door to the player before disappearing. It could also be a hint, as Stella appeared in the taped interview for Chapter 1 as a genuinely kind, curious, and whimsical person.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, Chapter 2 offers a lot of insight into who these characters might be. In chapter two it is also implied that the owner of Playtime Co., Elliot Ludwig, has lost his daughter, suggesting that Poppy may be his daughter’s reincarnation, which goes against the “Saint Terra is Poppy” theory. But it’s all speculation, players still need to wait for the game’s release date. Poppy’s Playtime Chapter 3 for more tips opium playtimelegends and characters.

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