New Silent Hill Movie Story & Casting Details Revealed

back to the silent hill The production company has revealed details about the plot and crew. Upcoming movie based on silent hill The horror video game franchise started in 1999 and has since expanded to 9 games as well as remakes and other related titles. This brand was released in 2006 silent hilldirected by Christophe Gans and later directed by MJ Bassett Silent Hill: Apocalypsegame tuning silent hill 3. back to the silent hillAnnounced a few months ago, the film will be a sequel to the original film written, directed and adapted by Gans. Silent Hill 2′Monday plot.

In a recent press release from Bavaria Films FFFBayern, They reveal more details back to the silent hillThis includes the film will follow James Sunderland as he returns to the town of Silent Hill in search of lost love Mary Klein, only to find many familiar faces that have created obstacles in the quest his. The film will star Jeremy Owen and will be directed by into the voidBenoit Derby.Read full description, translated from German bloody disgusting And by rant screenas follows:

Guided by a shadow from his past, James Sunderland returns to Silent Hill to reunite with his lost love, Mary Crane. But the gloomy, gloomy town is no longer the place he remembers. He meets.. With seemingly all-too-familiar characters who try to stop him from searching for Marie, the longer he searches for Marie, the more he begins to wonder if that’s still true—or if he can. fall into the shadowy underworld of Jacob Crane or not.

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Jeremy Irwin in Silent Hill Where You Know

Although his role is not 100% confirmed yet, it has been suggested that Owen will play the lead role of James Sunderland. Owen may not be a household name, but the actor has been in some pretty familiar places. The most prominent is the film by Steven Spielberg war Horsewas nominated for six Academy Awards upon its release in 2011.

Owen is also the lead in the recently canceled US web series stepping stonefrom Jason Bourne’s universe. Other recent major appearances by Irwin include a role in Roland Emmerich’s LGBTQ+ rights historical drama. stone wall and the jukebox music sequel Mamma Mia! start againIn the second film, he appears in flashbacks as the younger version of Sam, the character he played in both films. Mamma Mia! A movie by Pierce Brosnan.

back to the silent hill It won’t be the actor’s first horror outing. He starred in the 2014 movie Woman in Black 2: Angel of Deathsequel to the 2012 film haunted house starring Daniel Radcliffe. He will also appear in an upcoming witch-themed horror movie bag topcurrently in post-production.

Source: FFF Bayern (via Bloody Disgusting)

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