“Not About Ezra”: How The Flash Is Handling The Ezra Miller Dilemma Details Revealed

next part speed It may already exist, but its prospects are mixed. The film is seen as a bridge between the old DC Extended Universe (the DC superhero movie franchise has been related to each other since 2013). steel man) and the newly renamed DC Universe, will be the return of Ezra Miller Speed ​​Racer Barry Allen. Over the past year, however, Miller’s off-screen behavior has resulted in multiple arrests and a lot of negative media attention.

All typeWarner Bros. have a media management plan before the official release date speed Release date is June 16. Miller is said to be seeking treatment “Complex mental health problemswill not appear in any press material promoting the film in the hope of diverting the story away from them. Their only appearance will be speed The premiere, though of little importance, and is for photography activities only. Meanwhile, the campaign chose to focus on Michael Keaton’s return as Batman. Read the following excerpt from a source close to Miller:

Ezra wanted the movie to open and the conversation to be about the movie, not about Ezra. They focus on their mental health and don’t want it to become transactional.

Why flash is so important

At a time when Miller’s controversial behavior was at its peak, Warner Bros. seems to be under increasing pressure to cancel the release altogether. That didn’t materialize, however, and for the past few months, the Millers have stayed out of the limelight to focus on their mental health. However, they are under considerable pressure to cancel altogether speed.

There was precedent for a DC outing canceled due to HBO Max bat girl It was canceled during the reorganization of the streaming service and is now called Max. However, speed Represents more than just a financial investment. The movie will eventually become the key to starting a new direction for the DC Universe.

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Except this December Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, speed is the last outing of the previous superheroes in the DCU. Thanks to the hero’s ability to time travel and visit alternate universes, the series will have the opportunity for new branches of the series to emerge spontaneously from the endings of old ones. So any recreated characters (including James Gunn’s upcoming Superman) Superman: Legacy) will legitimately exist, although certain heroes and storylines from previous films could return, if the studio chooses.

Source: Diversity

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