One Piece’s Luffy vs Dragon Ball’s Goku: Can Gear 5 Beat a Saiyan?

When it comes to extremely powerful main heroes in the shounen manga genre, femaleMonkey D. Luffy and Dragon ballThe monkey king rules the world. Both characters are top mystical warriors and protagonists of their respective series. With Luffy’s recently introduced Gear Fifth boosting his power levels, people question whether he can withstand the godly powers of a Saiyan in a one-on-one battle with Goku.

After awakening the true power of the Devil Fruit during his battle with Kaido, Luffy has mastered his new fifth gear power. Gear Fifth allows Luffy to combine Gear Third’s limb extension with Gear Fourth’s muscle extension without needing to expand his body. This combination makes all parts of his body very elastic and flexible. When Luffy first used it against Kaido, he was able to grow his parts into monster size to throw Kaido around like a rag doll. This resilience also extends to many other smaller possibilities. Luffy can influence the physical environment around him, transferring his rubber nature to static objects, as seen when Luffy was able to maneuver the arena against one of Kaido’s attacks. However, there are limitations to this feature. Luffy gains a fifth item dependent on the Devil Fruit, causing him to lose his powers much faster than normal.

On the other hand, the name Ton Ngo Khong is synonymous with “prodigy”. He is a certified martial arts master from an alien planet, which gives him many privileges that Luffy doesn’t have. His alien traits enhance his combat prowess and increase his durability. Additionally, as a Saiyan, Goku is able to unlock a powerful version of himself through sheer willpower and use ki effectively in battle. Goku’s effectiveness and ability with ki attacks (like Kamehameha) also makes him one of the strongest in the alliance. Dragon ball characters exist. Basically, Goku’s inability to Saiyan is already a formidable foe and this combination should make him the winner against Luffy’s 5th gear.

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So far, there are four main Gear Fifth skills that Luffy has shown. The two main techniques are Gum-Gum Giant and Gum-Gum Jump Rope. Both techniques involve extreme elastic deformation on behalf of Luffy or his opponent, no time limit, the first technique involves Luffy multiplying his size, and the technique the second is stretched into a jump rope. Goku can easily resist the jump rope technique due to his alien durability, and is depicted as moving mountains much heavier than Luffy’s floating monster form. The main reason why the fifth gear can’t defeat the Saiyan is that Luffy’s ability is still evolving and has more potential to be unlocked. Goku is already a master of many abilities and operates at a much higher level than Luffy when he was at his strongest.

Even though Luffy’s level five skills are strong, they’re still not as good as the Monkey King. Gear Fifth is an interesting fighting technique that has been used very effectively in combat so far, but not against super beings like Goku. Luffy is still developing his abilities and testing the limits of his abilities, while Wukong gets stronger and stronger. Unfortunately, even with the fifth gear, Luffy will lose this round, but a discount would be a no-no female Hero and any future equip ability that can make him more balanced Dragon ballWukong.

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