Only someone with the greatest observation skills can spot the Barbie hidden in the picture within 7 seconds!

For ages, optical illusions have interested and perplexed human minds by challenging our brains to see beyond what meets the eye. Optical illusion puzzles promise to extend the frontiers of your imagination, from mind-boggling visuals that play tricks on your vision to mesmerising designs that defy logic. The purpose of these puzzles is to spot what is hiding right under your nose. These puzzles are an excellent method to develop your observation and attention to detail. So, are you prepared for the optical illusion puzzle we’ve prepared for you today? Let’s get started. 

Spot the Barbie in 7 seconds

Source: Cleanipedia 

The image above shows a cluttered view of cosmetic products. You can see soaps, buckets, brushes, nail paints, lipsticks, heels, and cleaning sponges in the picture. There is also an iconic thing hidden in this picture puzzle. A Barbie is hidden in this optical illusion puzzle. As you already know, it is your task to spot the Barbie within the given time. You know what you have to do. Grab your phone and/or smartwatch and set the timer for 7 seconds. Your time starts now. All the best, guys!

We have provided the solution to this optical illusion problem at the end of this brain puzzle. Have you found the hidden barbie yet? We believe that you have run out of time. Scroll down to see the solution. 

Optical Illusion Solution

Here is the hidden Barbie:


Source: Cleanipedia 

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