Optical illusion of a spinning cat leaves people baffled – but which way is it rotating for you?

AN OPTICAL illusion of a spinning cat is leaving people divided, with some saying it is rotating clockwise and others swearing it is moving anti-clockwise.

The black feline is shown against a white background, and the truth is you can make it turn in either direction with your mind.


An optical illusion is leaving the internet baffled as to which way the cat is spinningCredit: TikTok/ yolkfatherThe cat in the video can rotate clockwise and anticlockwise in your mind


The cat in the video can rotate clockwise and anticlockwise in your mindCredit: TikTok/ yolkfather

Still confused?

TikTok user Lexi Natoli shared the video on her @yolkfather account and said: “You can change this optical illusion with your mind.

“At first it looks like the cat is only spinning in one direction, but after you look at it for long enough you will be able to make the cat switch directions with your mind.”

The mysterious clip ignited conversation on the video sharing platform – with many users offering their own observations.

Some couldn’t believe that the cat’s direction can be changed depending on how you look at it. 

One person wrote: “The cat is only spinning one direction.”

Another added: “My brain is stubborn.”

However, others offered up advice for being able to see both ways, with one saying: “I can do it. 

“The trick is to switch your perspective when it gets to the centerline.”

Meanwhile one person said: “if you look away it’s 100% easier.”

The cat illusion is an example of an “ambiguous illusion”, which is when images are able to shift from one object to another as a person’s perception of them changes. 

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The viewer is left to figure out which direction the silhouette is turning as the image has no depth or directional cues from the surrounding environment.

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