Optical illusion of grey and white staircase divides the internet – so what do you see?

AN optical illusion staircase has sparked a debate among social media users who claim to see two different colors.

The visual illusion was posted on Reddit, challenging users to say what they saw – either a white staircase with a grey wall or a grey staircase with a white wall.


The optical illusion staircase that’s sparking a debate among Reddit users

If you can only see the white staircase, try flipping the picture over. Likewise, if you can only see a grey staircase.

Many commentators said they saw a grey staircase, with a white wall.

However, most Redditors were certain they saw a white staircase with a grey wall.

After attempting to look at the staircase from various viewpoints, a second commentator said: “No matter how I look at it it looks like a white staircase with a grey wall.”

A third person also agreed that the staircase is white, commenting: “White staircase with grey wall.

They added that if you look at the picture flipped, “the perspective is slightly off so it looks like it [the staircase] curves.

It comes after a mind-boggling optical illusion had viewers shaking their heads to see something hidden behind the image.

At first sight, the freaky picture appears just to be made up of vertical black and white lines, but the image is revealed by simply shaking your head from side to side.

Dr Michelle Dickinson appears to have first posted the optical illusion on Twitter back in January 2019, but it’s once again doing the rounds and blowing people’s minds.

She posted the picture along with the caption: “You can only see this optical illusion if you shake your head” and added a laughing emoji.

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By keeping your head still, all you can see are the black and white lines but by simply shaking your head, suddenly what seems to be a cartoon cat wearing a suit and tie appears before your eyes.

Dr Dickinson’s post picked up more than 3,600 likes as well as hundreds of comments.

One wrote: “Here I am shaking my head like a crazy person at my work desk.”

Another said: “Can’t believe I’ve been shaking my head for this… It worked though! And yes, shaking your phone is a better option… Tsssssskkk!”

Many others said they could see the image straight away without having to shake their head or their phone.

While the majority of people thought they saw a cat, not everyone was convinced with suggestions it could be a rabbit, and one joker proclaimed it was a zebra.

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