Optical illusion reveals loads about your personality…but it all depends on what YOU see first

DO you see the back of a girl’s head or an elderly man’s face when you look at this optical illusion?

Well, what you see first is thought to reveal a lot about your personality.


What you see first in this optical illusion can reveal secrets about your personality traitsCredit: Playbuzz

So, are you goal-driven and reliable, or optimistic and impulsive?

Playbuzz user TeacherQuizzes has explained the characteristics associated with each image.

If you see the back of a young girl’s head, then you’re apparently ‘optimistic and beaming with positive energy’.

It’s also associated with a person who is “strong, curious and enjoys helping others.”

But with the positives comes the negative, and seeing the girl’s head is also linked to someone who is “impulsive.”

It also notes the benefits of asking for help from others and says: ‘You will develop and grow into a better person with the multiple feedback, advice and support from people around you.’


However, if you instead saw the man with a moustache first, then you’re supposedly “calm, honest and faithful.”

Other character traits associated with this image are “trustworthy” and “reliable.”

Playbuzz adds: ‘Once you set a goal, you plan the steps thoroughly and carefully, and slowly achieve them one by one. This gift keeps you away from making impulsive decisions.’

However, the downside is the tendency for this type of person to be a perfectionist.

“From time to time, let go of things and loosen up! The sweet freedom will help you relax and heal your mind and body,’ the quiz notes.

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