Pascale Fournier Wikipedia, Salary, Net Worth, Twitter, Wiki, Husband, Bio

Pascale Fournier Wikipedia, Salary, Net Worth, Twitter, Wiki, Husband, Biography

Pascale Fournier Wikipedia, Salary, Net Worth, Twitter, Wiki, Husband, Biography: Earlier this month, the former CEO of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation informed a parliamentary committee that she would be leaving her post due to a lack of confidence in the organization. Board of Directors.

Pascale Fournier Wikipedia, Salary, Net Worth, Twitter, Wiki, Husband, Biography

According to Pascale Fournier, the disagreements began when she demanded that certain board members refrain from any investigation into donations from Chinese companies and met with resistance.

The foundation said in a statement after Fournier’s hearing that it strongly disputes his version of what happened and is asking for an opportunity to schedule his own rebuttal testimony.

In an April 11 statement citing the recent politicization of $140,000 in gifts from Chinese billionaire Zhang Bin and another businessman, Niu Gensheng, in 2016 and 2017, Fournier and eight other board members announced their resignations.

The Globe and Mail claimed in February, citing an anonymous source, that the associates had ties to the Chinese government. In response, the foundation established an emergency committee.

The report prompted Fournier to investigate the emails before she became chief executive, she said in a statement to the House of Commons ethics committee on Friday.

He claimed to have found evidence of discussions between foundation staff and the China Cultural Industry Association about removing details from the gift tax certificate.

Fournier said that after finding two separate tax accounts linked to the same funds, he wanted accountants and lawyers to review the details.

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He also stated that he wanted board members who were involved in the organization’s work at the time of the gifts to refrain from participating in the proceedings.

“Other members asked him to resign. This was the root of the conflict: ‘We want an independent commission,’ Fournier declared.

The China Cultural Industry Association, according to its website, adheres to the “full leadership” of the Chinese Communist Party and was established with state authority, the Canadian Press reported earlier this month. Zhang Bin is listed as its president.

However, The Globe and Mail noted that the donor was identified on the certificate as another organization called Millennium Golden Eagle International (Canada).

Millennium Golden Eagle International, according to the China Cultural Industry Association, is a member of its executive committee and was established with the blessing of the Chinese Ministry of Culture. In numerous records of Chinese private companies, Zhang is identified as the president of Millennium Golden Eagle International.

The organization, which offers scholarships and mentoring initiatives, strongly disagreed with Fournier’s comments in a statement released Friday.

One of the original members of the foundation, Edward Johnson, said on behalf of the interim board: “We strongly refute several statements made during this testimony.”

Without elaborating, Johnson said the foundation questions some of the facts or Fournier’s interpretation of them, as well as “the reasons given to justify the directors’ resignations.”

To schedule its own evidence, the foundation is in communication with the committee, he said, and they “look forward to this opportunity to correct some of the statements and claims that have been made.” The charity requested an investigation into the donations after Fournier’s resignation.

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The Auditor General’s Office, however, rejected the request, saying it was not within its jurisdiction to investigate private gifts or business dealings.

In addition to a $750,000 donation to the University of Montreal, donations were also made to a foundation named after the current prime minister’s father.

According to an anonymous source cited by The Globe and Mail, the Chinese government orchestrated the payments in an attempt to influence Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The prime minister has repeatedly stated that he has not cooperated with the foundation for ten years.

Subsequent reports by the Quebec-based publication Le Devoir indicated that taxpayers wanted the entire amount to benefit the university, mentioning that businessmen donated $800,000 to the University of Toronto in 2013.

In response to allegations that Beijing interfered in the last two federal elections, the House of Commons Ethics Committee is working to understand the situation as part of a broader investigation into foreign interference.

Morris Rosenberg, the former chief executive of the foundation and Fournier’s predecessor, is scheduled to address the board on Tuesday.

Rosenberg’s report, which outlined efforts by top officials to prevent foreign interference in the 2021 election.

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