Personality Test: Wavy, Curly or Straight? Your Hair Type Reveals Your Hidden Personality Traits

Hair Type Personality Test: Every little thing about your body speaks volumes about your personality. One such aspect of your body is your hair type which can reveal your hidden personality traits. Your hair type is more than just a physical characteristic. Have you ever wondered what your hair type reveals about your personality? In this hair type personality test, we shall broadly talk about people with naturally wavy hair, curly hair, and straight hair.

Can your hair type reveal what goes inside your head? How do you like to behave? What is your mindset? Are you practical or guided by emotions? Do you crave intense passionate connections or do you place career over connections? Are you easily impressed? Do you have an unpredictable personality? We bet you would be amazed at how accurate the personality traits are for each hair type.

Take the Hair Type Personality Test today and learn more about yourself!

Personality Test: What Does Your Hair Type Say About Your Personality? 

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#1 Wavy Hair Personality Traits

Wavy Hair Personality

If you have a wavy hair type, your personality traits reveal that you live by the idea of ‘whatever comes, let it come. What stays, let it stay. What goes, let it go.’ You do not like to stand in the way of things unfolding for you. You believe in letting go of what is not working out as it will only drag you down a road filled with remorse or hurt. You like your paths to be free of bottlenecks.

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You like to conserve your energy for things you are passionate about and achieve your goals. You are quick to drop things or people who slow down your progress. This does not mean you are an evil person, you would always try to give closure to people if possible. However, you are big on cutting ties if anything becomes a dead weight. You also like your freedom a lot. You like to call the shots but you also love to be pampered. You like to have control but you also do not mind to loose the grip sometimes. You enjoy exploring and learning new things. No matter how difficult a situation may be, you must have already figured out a way out or solution to overcome it. You may have doubts but you would never throw a pity party for yourself. Though you like to spend time alone in your company a lot.

You are high maintenance, the sooner you accept this aspect about you the faster you can manifest things for yourself. Though usually, you do not shy away from being your true self, however, you may need to embrace more of your hidden traits. You have a style that is elegant, fun, carefree, glamorous, and addictive. You are a mix of modern and contemporary which is like the right amount of mix of sugar and spice. In relationships, you look for the old-school romance filled with romantic dinners and safety.

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#2 Curly Hair Personality Traits

 Curly Hair Personality If you have a curly hair type, your personality traits reveal that you live by the motto ‘carpe diem’. You have a fiery personality. Talk about a dynamic, insightful, passionate, loving, warm, bubbly, leader, intuitive, expressive individual, you are that individual. You tend to think quickly and complete tasks quickly. You may also like to add a bit of drama here and there. You may though have a hard time focusing on one thing for too long. You may seem approachable and someone who wears their heart on their sleeve, however, you are not easily impressed. You are not easily fooled by words.

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You may exude a magnetic personality. You do not like to fit into a box or be stereotyped. You may be highly attractive in the way you talk. You exude a warm and loving personality when you talk. You may usually make friends easily however you are highly guarded when it comes to matters of hearts. You tend to observe your love interest. You may notice if they are honest and transparent. You tend to speak up for yourself therefore you may check if your partner can listen to your point of view. You do not like two-faced people. You can be forgiving if someone hurts you however you are not forgiving if someone breaks your trust.

You have a personality that resonates with strength and resilience. Curly hair can be difficult to manage, but people with curly hair often find ways to work with their hair and make it look beautiful. This can be seen as a metaphor for how you can overcome challenges and achieve your goals. You do not shy away from embracing your individuality and uniqueness. No two sets of curls are exactly alike, which can be seen as a symbol of how unique you are. The more you feel pride in who you are, the more you feel comfortable in your skin.

#3 Straight Hair Personality Traits

Straight Hair Personality

If you have straight hair type, your personality traits reveal that you live by the quote by Bruce Lee which says, ‘Be a practical dreamer backed by action’. You know what you desire exists and you simply want the solution to materialize it. You do not listen to people who tell you no. What others may discard as unrealistic, you work to achieve it. With the personality of a practical dreamer, you like the challenge of bridging the two worlds of desire and reality.

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You walk with one foot planted in the world of imagination, dreams, desires, and possibilities while the other foot grounded in reality looking for the resources such as time, money, space, and efforts to make your dreams a reality. Add to that your qualities of being highly organized and fierce in getting what you want, it is nearly impossible that you fail. Just as you manage to keep each strand of your hair in its place neat, you make sure that no amount of inconvenience and discomfort can waver you off the path to achieving your goals.

You are often seen as being down-to-earth and genuine. You are straightforward in expressing your opinions. You usually know how to pull yourself together in adverse situations. You may also appear as someone serious, perfectionist, blunt, and controlling. You are however quite sociable, calm, and elegant. You can carry yourself gracefully in any situation, of course, exceptions can be there depending on the severity of the situation.

Did you enjoy reading about your personality based on your hair type?

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