Phasmophobia: Onryo Ghost Guide (Tips, Strategies, & Weaknesses)

free of charge nightmare renewed Obsessions The scope is wide, and along with some major changes, players can now identify four new ghosts, including Onryo.this nightmare The update introduces new difficulties, as well as changes to existing difficulties, a new weather system, a new outdoor map with some Obsessions Easter eggs, tweaks to existing mechanics, and four new ghosts. All Obsessions Players can immediately enjoy everything about the new update.

Obviously, one of the changes that most interest players is the four new ghosts in the game. Obsessions. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as special interactions that can be activated before or during the hunt. One of these new ghosts is called Onryo.

Onryo is a unique ghost that has a special interaction with fire. The ghost is not only afraid of naked flames like the candles in the game, but can also become more aggressive when the fire is extinguished. These interactions make hunting Onryo and players hunting Onryo a lot more fun, especially in the new version. Obsessions Camp map.

Take the candle and find evidence for the haunted Onryo

First and foremost tips for dealing with Onryos Obsessions That’s for players to always carry a few candles and lighters when performing missions. These items are relatively cheap and they are specially used for Onryo, whose weakness is less ability to hunt near flames. However, players should be careful as extinguishing the flames will make the Onryo more likely to attack and will allow the ghosts to hunt even when the player’s morale is high. Ghosts can put out flames on their own, so players need to keep an eye on the candles to make sure they stay lit.

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The evidence required to identify Onryo is:

  • spirit box
  • ghost ball
  • freezing temperature

As a general rule, ghost hunters should have basic evidence-gathering tools on hand at every hunt to properly identify ghosts. However, if a player suspects that they may be dealing with Onryo, an effective strategy to quickly confirm their suspicion is to hold a burning candle and throw it on the ground. Doing this over and over will immediately trigger the hunt, regardless of sanity level, as it will continuously ignite and extinguish the flames. Since players don’t actually get coins for confirming proofs with the right tools, this makes hunting Onryo much faster without sacrificing any income.

Additionally, players will want to make sure they bring a camera to take pictures of the ghost and any other interactions. Luckily for players using the candle method, if they can survive the hunt they provoked, maintaining high sanity will keep them from being hunted again unless they provoke it. others with more explosive phase. This gives ghost hunters a very safe path to accomplish any other goals they have set for them. Obsessions Mission.

Obsessions Available on PC via Steam.

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