Pinocchio Cast & Character Guide (All Live-Action & Voice Actors)

live performance Pinocchio The cast brings together great performers and voice actors who help bring the Disney characters to life.Directed by Robert Zemeckis from a screenplay he co-wrote with Chris Weitz Pinocchio First announced in 2015, it’s largely based on the 1940 animated film of the same name, which was inspired by the 19th-century book The Adventures of Pinocchio By Carlo Collodi.

Pinocchio follows a similar path to its animated predecessor. The story goes that after Geppetto made a wish on a star, Pinocchio transformed from a puppet into a real action Pinocchio is a combination of screen actors and voice actors, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, one of the many CGI characters throughout the film. Led by Tom Hanks, Pinocchio Featuring a star-studded cast, each of whom does their part to bring their characters to life.

Tom Hanks plays Geppetto

Geppetto was a woodcarver and toymaker. Due to loneliness, he wanted a son of his own, so he built a wooden boy named Pinocchio and then hoped to turn him into a reality. When Pinocchio is resurrected, Geppetto does his best to take care of him. In this version of the story, Geppetto is a more tragic character who seeks to have a son after losing his life years ago.

The animated version of Geppetto is voiced by Christian Rub. The live-action version is played by Tom Hanks, best known for his role in ” abandon, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryanvoiced the character Woody Toy Story franchise, green mile, big, Apollo 13romantic comedy Sleepless in Seattleand terminal.he recently starred in a man named otto and Elvis Presleywill next appear in a Wes Anderson film asteroid city.

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as Pinocchio

Pinocchio and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth

Pinocchio is a wooden puppet boy built and carved by his father Geppetto. In the original animated version, Pinocchio got into trouble and lied before learning how to follow his conscience and become a real boy. In this version, he makes good decisions based on love, but is manipulated and betrayed. . Furthermore, the ending does not make him a real boy but remains a puppet, something Geppetto realizes he should accept.

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Pinocchio is voiced by Ben Ainsworth, best known for playing Miles Wingrave on Mike Flanagan’s Netflix series The Haunting of Bly Manor. Ainsworth most recently played young Alex Burgess in “Alex Burgess.” SandmanAdapted from the comic of the same name by Neil Gaiman.The young actor has also appeared in Flora and Ulysses and TV series son of crich.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jiminy Cricket

Split portrait of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Pinocchio and Super Pumped

Jiminy Cricket is an anthropomorphic cricket whose mission is to be Pinocchio’s conscience. Jiminy is a typically happy creature who keeps an eye on Pinocchio, although the wooden boy makes decisions that make Jiminy Cricket frown. In this version, he once again served as the narrator, frequently breaking the fourth wall to talk to the audience.

Jiminy Cricket is voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, best known for his role on Jiminy Cricket. (500 Days of Summer, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Looper, 50/50, lincoln, The Trial of the Chicago Sevenand Don Jon.

Keegan-Michael Key as “Honest” John Worthington Folfero

Split portrait of Keegan Michael-Key in 'Pinocchio' and 'Reboot'

Honest John is a liar who tricks Pinocchio into joining Stromboli. Honest John is decidedly less honest, but always with his silent feline friend Gideon. The character is very similar to the animated original, with the only major change being that he’s not the one who introduced the coachman to Pinocchio.

Honest John is voiced by Keegan-Michael Key, best known for his work on sketch shows Key and Peel, Keanu, predatorApple TV+ series Schmigaduern, Dolemite is my name, college friendsas well as dubbing characters toy story 4, Bob’s Burgers, super mansionand The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Recently he also contributed to ” The Super Mario Bros. movie.

Keanne Ramayah as Fabiana and Sabina

Kyanne Lamaya as Fabiana and Sabina in

Fabiana is a puppeteer who works for Stromboli’s shows. Fabiana is in charge of manipulating the puppet Sabina, friend of the puppet ballerina Pinocchio. Both Fabiana and Sabina were characters created specifically for the live-action remake. Fabiana has a wooden leg, which helps Pinocchio realize that he is not an inferior just because he is different from other boys.Fabiana and Sabina are played by Kyanne Lamaya, who played the role in the live-action version Pinocchio This is her first feature film appearance.

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Giuseppe Battiston as Stromboli

Split portrait of Giuseppe Battiston from Pinocchio and Strides

Stromboli is a greedy Italian puppeteer who owns a traveling show. He abused everyone who worked for him and took their money. Honest John takes Pinocchio to work in Stromboli to make a lot of money, while the puppeteer locks him in a cage to ensure that the wooden boy stays in the show. After Pinocchio escapes from prison, Stromboli is arrested and the other puppeteers start their own shows without him. Stromboli is played by Giuseppe Battison, an Italian actor known primarily for his roles in Italian projects.

Pinocchio supporting cast and roles

Live-action Pinocchio-Blue-Fairy-1

Cynthia Erivo as the Blue Fairy – The Blue Fairy appears to grant Geppetto’s wish that Pinocchio become a real boy. She animated Pinocchio, but there were some stipulations before turning him into a real human boy. He must prove himself to be brave, honest, and selfless in order to fulfill the Smurf’s wish.The Blue Fairy is played by Cynthia Erivo, best known for Bad time at Royal Hotel, Harrietin which she played the titular character Harriet Tubman, widowand chaos walking. Erivo will next play Elphaba in the musical evil.

Luke Evans as the Coachman – The Coachman is a cunning man who owns Pleasure Island, a seedy place where he takes many children, including Pinocchio. In the original animation, the coachman also sold them into slavery. Luke Evans to play Gaston in another Disney live-action remake beauty and the Beast.He also appeared in dracula unknown, fast and furious 6and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Lewin Lloyd as Lampwick – Lampwick is a mischievous child who becomes acquainted with a horse when the two end up riding in the same carriage to Pleasure Island Nocchi became a friend.Lewin Lloyd is known for the HBO series his dark matter, aerospace astronautand judy.

Sheila Atim as Signora Vitelli – Signora Vitelli leads the children to school every morning. Signora Vitelli is a new character created for the live-action version.Sheila Atim is known for films directed by Halle Berry bruises, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, subwayand queen queen.

Angus Wright as Signore Rizzi – Signore Rizzi wants to buy some of Geppetto’s clocks, but the woodcarver refuses to sell them.Angus Wright is best known for his work Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, courierand Maleficent.

Jamie Demetriou as the Principal – The principal who runs the school where Pinocchio is supposed to attend, Geppetto brings Pinocchio into the world and makes him a real boy. Following the remake’s trend of Pinocchio trying to do the right thing, he actually enters school, but the principal kicks him out, insisting that he’s not a real boy.The principal is played by Jamie Demetrious, who has starred in after party, the bestand flea bag and movies like this Paddington 2 and Cruela.

Lorraine Bracco as Sofia – Sofia is a seagull who often appears at Geppetto’s house and later helps Jiminy and Pinocchio.Sophia is dedicated to Pinocchio Voiced by Lorraine Bracco, best known for playing Dr. Jennifer Melfi on the TV series Jennifer Melfi The Sopranos.Bracco was also in basketball diary, good guyand Rizzoli and Islands.

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