Pixel Tribe MOD APK (Free shopping/Upgrade/Unlocked) 0.3.3

Pixel Tribe MOD APK Info

1. Multiplier 2. Free shop items and free upgrades3. Increase the crafting limit of shop items to 4. Mission Reward Multiplier (Gold, Gems and Experience) 5. Unlock skills and free purchases

Become the leader of your tribe and build your own kingdom in Pixel Tribe game. You will enter a world inhabited by ancient tribal leaders. They are the supreme commanders of the guild’s activities, and so are you. You must help your tribe grow into a full-fledged kingdom. The Vikings will obey your orders and fight together for territory. You will compete to lead armies of ancient tribes and fight for territories. Enter the settlement of a Viking tribe and learn how to grow your kingdom.

A world of ancient tribes will open and you will lead them. Men of the same tribe always elect the highest position in the tribe and they believe in this choice. You are tasked with leading the entire tribe to develop and grow the tribe. Your tribe may have to fight other tribes, but that’s inevitable. Only you can join clan wars and win; then you can expand. But you can also help the tribe mine resources to find items and grow stronger. You are at the top of all clan activities and seek to grow your clan into a kingdom.

Download Pixel Tribe Mod – Lead a Thriving Tribe

Since you appeared in this world, you have taken on the responsibility of developing the tribe. This is still a wild land, and the most common groups are the wild tribes. They come together to survive and choose one person to help them manage everything. You head your tribe with the goal of establishing a kingdom. The upbringing of the tribe depends on you and you can lead them to grow. Fighting with other tribes is dangerous but also a way to grow. Explore the ancient life of an ancient tribe and develop your tribe into a kingdom.

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pixel tribe apk

Kingdom building

The tribe you lead is simply a group of people in society that still suffers from many disadvantages. But they believe that, under your guidance, their condition will soon change. However, building a kingdom from your tribe is not easy and must be done step by step. It is better to build houses for the people of the tribe so that they are safe. Your tribe needs food to grow, help them do it. You will guide them to grow crops and create a farm for the Vikings. Start taking over clans and help them develop a powerful tribal kingdom.

Pixel crowd mode

expand the crowd

War between the tribes in this world is natural because it is a way of progress. The tribes can only find ways to attack each other and unite new forces. You also have a tribe ready to attack other tribes or block their attack. Weapons you create from tribal buildings will help the Vikings fight. The battles between you and the Horde will also help you and the Vikings get items. Your tribe can also grow to a new stage of development step by step. Command your tribe to rise and become a mighty kingdom.

Pixel tribe mod apk

tribal upgrade

After evolving from a tribe, you can upgrade your tribe. The fact that you build kingdoms and farms helps Vikings become stronger than before. Tribal warfare gives you enough resources to upgrade your buildings. These key conditions can help you upgrade your tribe to become stronger than other tribes. However, not only a weak tribe, but also the leader of the tribe is facing you. They are the ones who run the guild and have achievements on the leaderboards. Upgrade your tribe, challenge the achievements of other leaders and prove your tribe’s strength.

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Free Pixel Horde

You have entered the world of ancient tribes as a future leader. And you need to lead the tribe to grow to show the potential of the chief. Your goal is to build a tribal kingdom, but you have to start with a tribe. The Vikings you command can build farms and structures in the tribe. You can also take the Vikings out to fight and compete with other chiefs. However, you cannot fight forever and focus on growing your clan further. Download Pixel Tribe mod to lead the tribe and become the most powerful kingdom in the tribe list.

Download Pixel Tribe MOD APK for Android (Free Shopping/Upgrade/Unlock)

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