Pokémon Confirms Ash’s Mom Was Almost a Professor

In spite of Pokemon The anime focuses too much on younger characters like Ash and says very little about older characters like Delia Ketchum. Have they ever had their own Pokémon adventure? According to an early Pokémon movie, in Delia’s case, she almost became a Pokémon professor.

Ash’s mother never really cared much for Pokémon. She gets along well with them, as many of Ash’s Pokémon seem to love her as if she were their biological mother, and she befriends Mr. Mime and capture her without fighting. Outside of Xiaozhi’s competition, however, she doesn’t seem to watch the Pokémon Championship and spends most of her time living a quiet life at home in Pallet Town, not far from Professor Oki’s lab.

As it turned out, her proximity to Oak’s lab was no coincidence. Yandi and the unknown spellIt is understood that in her youth, Delia Ketchum worked with Professor Oak as a research assistant, working with a man named Spencer Hale. When Delia finds out that he’s missing, she gets caught up in the film’s plot and goes to his hometown to help find him. A group of Nameless take pity on his daughter Molly and kidnap Delia to be her new mother, so Ash, his Pokémon, and their friends must rescue his mother and defeat Nameless and Entei that they created to watch over her. After they were defeated, Spencer returned to Molly and Delia was free to return home to Pallet Town.

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Will Ash prevent Delia from inheriting the position of Professor Oak?

In the anime and movies, this is the only story about Ash’s mother, but it’s definitely an interesting one. Many characters are assistant professors, such as “Dexio” and “Sina”. x And Corrector Sonia sword And shield. Sonia even later becomes the new professor, suggesting that Ash’s mother might go that route too. It is not clear why Delia gave up this career. One can’t help but wonder if Ash’s birth had anything to do with it, especially since Ash’s father was conspicuously absent during that time. Pokemon. It does show, however, that she still lives in Pallet Town, especially since she used to work with Professor Oki, and it wouldn’t be surprising if she occasionally went there to help out with Ash’s Pokémon. . Her successor appears to be Oki’s grandson, Gary, who became a Pokémon researcher.

This is very unusual in the world Pokemon There’s a character like Delia, who used to have a career related to Pokémon, but not anymore. While the mystery of Ash’s mother’s past may never be fully explained, details like these add a bit of depth to another character.

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