Pokémon GO: How To Find (& Catch) Shiny Cobalion (Raid Counters)

A shiny Cobalion can be found Pokémon go, if the player is carrying the correct raid token. As the end of the year approaches, Pokémon go Seasonal events will continue to be held. Niantic is currently hosting a Halloween event. After November arrives, this content will be removed from the rotation and replaced with new content. Starting in November, players will have the chance to find shiny versions of Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion. These Pokemon are from the Unova region and players have time to catch tons of shiny Pokemon in a limited time Pokémon go.

This legendary trio will be present Pokémon go From Friday, November 5 to Tuesday, November 16, players have 11 days to find them. They will replace the mythical Pokémon Darkrai currently residing in 5-star raids. It’s important to mention that finding shiny Pokemon is purely by chance. Shiny Pokemon appear in raids more often, but still very rare. Despite that, players still need to bring their best raid counters to win this war. To find the Shiny Cobalion, the player needs to defeat it first.

Since this is a five-star raid, players need to team up with at least five other players. If less and this war will be hard to end. Players will also need a Raid Card to join the lobby. Players can get Ranged Raid Cards for free Pokémon go from the store. If the lobby isn’t full, invite a friend or leave the room and try again. Cobalion is a Steel/Fight-type Pokémon with major weaknesses in its Battle, Earth, and Fire moves. These are the six best Pokémon to bring to this battle.

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The best Cobalion raid counter in Pokemon Go

  • Reshiram: Teeth caught fire and overheated.
  • Darmanitan: Teeth on fire and overheating.
  • Lucario: Counterattack and spirit orb.
  • Chaneludure: swirling flame and overheating.
  • Conkeldurr: Dynamic punch and counter.
  • Blaziken: Counterattack and burn.

While these are the best raid counters, players should still focus on bringing in Pokemon that have Battle, Earth, or Fire moves, whether they’re on the list or not. In addition, players can also find and capture Pokémon such as Mega Lopunny and Mega Charizard Y as powerful raiders (if available). During the capture animation, the Cobalion will flash to indicate that it is in a shiny state. It is important to complete this hunt before the event ends. This legendary trio will be replaced with new 5-star raid Pokemon. Shiny Cobalion has a dark green color with a golden hue that accentuates its character. Cobalion is one of the rarest creatures in the world Pokémon go.

Pokémon go Now available on iOS and Android.

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