Pokémon GO: Numel Spotlight Hour Guide

Spotlight Hour takes place every Tuesday Pokémon GO Nummel will be the featured Pokémon on May 10, 2022, from 6pm to 7pm local time. Players can participate in events to earn lots of candy for Nummel and complete one or more evolutions to receive Camerupt. Unfortunately there is no Shiny version of Numel Pokémon GO At this point, the player can still continue hunting Pokémon, trying to find the perfect version. Perfect Pokémon have maximum attack, defense, and health, making them ideal for trainers to battle and raid.

in every outstanding moment Pokémon GO, there is always a passive bonus that remains active throughout the event. During the Numel Spotlight Hour on May 10, players will receive double the candy for every Pokémon they spin. This bonus applies to all Pokémon, not just those that appear in the event. Players should save any Pokémon they want to transfer until highlight time begins to earn the maximum amount of candies, which can be used to evolve or increase CP.

Nummel and its evolved forms are both Fire- and Earth-type, making them effective against Grass, Steel, Bug, Fairy, and Ice-type Pokémon. However, Nummel and Camerupt are also weak against Fire, Water, Rock, and Dragon moves. Catching enough Numel will allow the player to evolve it into Camerupt, costing 50 candies. Camerupt can be a tough team member Pokémon GO Raids are allowed whenever there is a type advantage.

How to participate in Numel Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO

During the Numel Spotlight Hour, players will have a chance to get the perfect Numel and Camerupt. Every Pokémon the player catches must be evaluated before being transferred to check if the 3-star version with the highest stats is captured. The chances of finding a perfect Nummel are slim, but with the spawn rate increasing dramatically, players have the greatest chance of finding a perfect Nummel in the limelight. If you capture the perfect version of Nummel, the player will be able to evolve it into the perfect Camerupt.

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In addition to Numel getting noticed on May 10, Tapu Fini also debuted as a five-star Raid boss. Pokémon GO on the same day. Tap Fini is a Water and Fairy-type Pokémon. The player can evolve Numel into Camerupt and use it in Tapu Fini raids, however, although it is strong against Elves, it also has a weakness against raid bosses due to being of the Water type.

In addition to Numel, Magikarp, Seel and Pikipek will also have their own standout moments in May. Everyone will have different passive bonuses to take advantage of, so players should make sure to participate as much as possible. In particular, Carp King Spotlight Time is a very valuable event, as this Pokémon needs 400 candies to evolve and it is very difficult to reach that number just by randomly finding it in the wild. Numel and Pikipek are the only Pokémon in May’s Highlight Hour that doesn’t have a shiny version. Pokémon GOBut there are still some reasons to attend these hour-long events.

Pokémon GO Available for Android and iOS.

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