Pretty Little Liars: 10 Ways Toby Got Worse & Worse

Although the role is Pretty little liars It’s all enthralling, and Toby Cavanaugh (Kegan Allen) is arguably the calmest one as fans watch them grow up and deal with the mysterious threat of “A.” He sometimes sits on the sidelines, not as rebellious as Caleb Rivers (Taylor Blackburn) or literary like Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding). But he’s the love interest of Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario), and the show would be weird without him.

Rosewood isn’t exactly a place to live, despite its beautiful mansions and streets. Drinking coffee at The Brew or wandering the beautiful neighborhood is fun…but as a character PLL We all know that evil never lags behind. There’s definitely something wrong with Toby’s character, even though he’s always fun.

his plot doesn’t match the character

Fans learn that Toby has been enticed to have sex with his half-sister Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok), which is not a pleasant thing to think about. But does this plot really fit a character that audiences already love?

Toby is a strong man who’s been through a lot and it doesn’t seem like he’s really going to do it. Instead, he’ll tell Jenna to leave him alone and he won’t care about the consequences. This is a big problem with his character.

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he will never marry someone who is not a spencer

Spencer Toby Pretty Little Liars

Toby and Spencer had one of the most beloved relationships on the show, which is why his marriage to Yvonne Phillips (Kara Royster) was such a shock.

It doesn’t work for Toby to fall deeply in love with someone and actually marry them. He’s been interested in Spencer from the start, so it’s a weird backstory for the character. This is just one example of how he got worse Pretty little liars evolution.

His cooperation with Team A failed

Keegan Allen as Tobey Kavanaugh mysteriously watches Pretty Little Liars

“A” is the mysterious number at the core PLL For a while, fans thought Toby was on Team A. Talk about a crazy realization of Spencer and her friends.

But since Toby later says he joined Team A for a good reason, the plot turns flat and doesn’t work at all. It’s another way the character continues to deteriorate. He’s supposed to be either completely good or completely evil because the show doesn’t leave much room for gray areas when it comes to morals.

His character is scary at first, then completely normal

Toby laughs in Pretty Little Liars

Just as the pilot looks so different from the rest of the series, characters can start out one way and then change completely.

As for Toby, he looked scary when the show started and the other girls really didn’t like him. It was hard to reconcile the atmosphere he gave off with his sweet and casual appearance afterwards. This seems to be a major contradiction to the character.

He doesn’t look like a cop (and he looks too young)

Toby Cavanaugh looks a bit shocked in Pretty Little Liars

Toby isn’t perfect, and it’s weird that he turned out to be a cop. He seemed too young to be hired, and it happened in the blink of an eye.

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What is Toby’s main problem with having this career? He just failed to impress law enforcement. It seems like he will do things with his own hands, like build houses, decorate houses, or he will become a social worker and help people. This is hard to understand.

He can tell Alex Drake isn’t the real Spencer

Alex Drake on Pretty Little Liars

Toby and Alex Drake kiss madly, as Toby can definitely tell that she’s not Spencer, but her evil twin.

If Toby was as smart and astute as he was once a cop and was part of Team A for his own reasons and motives, wouldn’t he feel bad about it?

The character mistakenly thinks he’s dead

if toby dies PLLthat would certainly be considered an emotional death, but the other characters just thought he was dead in the show’s third season.

As it turns out, the characters are seeing someone else’s body, not Toby’s. Why is this necessary? There are a lot of fake deaths and redirects in the show which makes it very tiring.

Toby’s plot ends too easily

It seems that no matter what happens to Toby, it will all be over easily and quickly. When Yvonne finally died, he fell in love with someone who wasn’t Spencer, that’s true. The same thing happened to him on team A, and it turns out he didn’t do it for nefarious reasons.

It’s a way for the characters to go from bad to worse because that’s not life. It feels completely unrealistic, especially in a town like Rosewood, where no one is happy.

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He doesn’t have as much screen time as the others

Spencer and Toby talk about Pretty Little Liars

It feels like I’m comparing the screen time of the main romances PLL, Ezra and Caleb received the most. These characters are always around, creating or resolving drama and conflict, and they are some of the most beloved characters on the show.

But sometimes Toby seemed to be in his own world, while Spencer spent a lot of time alone.

he doesn’t have much to do in the final season

Toby and Yvonne stand up with Caleb to talk about pretty little liars

Besides marrying Yvonne and then dealing with her death, what did Toby really do in the seventh and final season?

He doesn’t really seem to do anything interesting, which seems like a big mistake. Since no fan wants to see him with someone other than Spencer, Yvonne’s backstory isn’t as compelling and it would have been better to see Toby busy with other things.

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