Promoting pet adoption, Tom Hardy brings his rescue dog to the movie premiere

Some people travel with their beloved dogs. Admittedly, seeing a dog on the red carpet is not uncommon, but fortunately, actor Tom Hardy recently gave us this gift.

His dog is used to appearing in public. She promotes pet adoption by traveling with her beloved canine friend.

Hardy and Wody have been inseparable since they first met, and it’s clear from the time they’ve been together how strong their bond is.

The famous actor met Woody while making the movie.

He decided to adopt a yellow lab and bring it home to London after seeing it walking the streets of Atlanta.

Woody isn’t the only dog ​​Hardy has adopted, though. The actor insists: ‘Everywhere I go I get a dog.’

‘You cannot bring another dog from work with you. However, I will always find one.

Either get your own dog, find one and keep it at home, or I will find a dog and take care of it on each of our missions.

“I remember when you walked into class with your puppy in one hand and a juice bottle in the other,” my former theater teacher recalls.

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