PSNI Officer Suspended After Being Accused of Paying For $ex as Two Other Cops Investigated for Taking Cocaine

EXCLUSIVE: PSNI officer suspended after being accused of paying for sex while two other officers are under investigation for taking cocaine. Read the article to know more and follow us to learn more.

Suspended PSNI officer

This is the police officer accused of accessing PSNI files on child sex and rape for personal gain or sexual gratification. Station Constable William Mallett, c/o Lisburn PSNI, did not appear before Lisburn Magistrates Court on Thursday but has been charged with one count of misconduct in public office between 19 September 2019 and 18 December 2020. However. , he was not the only police officer to appear in criminal court on Thursday, as we can reveal that SIX PSNI officers have been questioned over a variety of alleged offences.

Suspended PSNI officer

The PSNI has revealed that it has fired 11 officers after weeks of reporting more than 130 cases of misconduct. The figures come after allegations that PSNI officers were involved in sharing images of a suicide victim’s body online. The indictment against Officer William Mallett alleges that between said 15-month period, as a police officer, acting in that capacity, you willfully misbehaved to the point of constituting a breach of public trust in yourself by accessing certain events and other records in the police computer system related to incidents of a sexual nature, including those reported in various forms such as rape, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, child sexual exploitation, child abuse and pedophile harassment.

Suspended PSNI officer

Mallett further alleges that for one’s own benefit or sexual pleasure, without reasonable excuse or justification, knowing that it is wrong to access such events and other records contrary to common law. The case was scheduled for a preliminary inquest on Thursday, which would have taken the case to the Crown Court, but following a defense request, it was adjourned for two weeks to August 18. Prior to the case, Mr Mallett confirmed to the Sunday World that he had been suspended from his job as a police officer.

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However, Officer Mallett was just one of several officers scheduled to appear in court the same day. On Thursday, a total of six police officers, including two whistleblowers who told the BBC Spotlight investigation that their colleagues were exchanging sexist and racist messages, were charged with a variety of offences. While William Mallett was the only officer charged in Lisburn, five officers from Coleraine were listed in his local court. Earlier this year, on the BBC’s Spotlight programme, Bowden and Connor exposed alleged failings in the work of the Causeway Coast and Glens police precincts in early 2020, at the start of the covid pandemic.

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