Pure family love: what is the last will of Talina Fernández, “Woman of good words”

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Sadness on Mexican TV! Talina Fernández, the famous 78-year-old Mexican presenter, passed away this Wednesday, June 28, a few days after being hospitalized with pain in her whole body. As we all know, the so-called “Woman of Good Words” battled with terminal leukemia and unfortunately she won in the end.

After the death of “Hoy” collaborator and father of Penélope Menchac, last Wednesday, June 28, we said goodbye to another character of Mexican television. It’s about Talina Fernández, a famous 78-year-old presenter who became names in Aztec media more than 50 years after her debut as a variety show host.

In this sense, his son Jorge Coco Levy detailed the last seconds of the life of his dear mother, who is remembered as an honorable woman and one of the The most talented presenter on Mexican television in history.

“He spent his last days with the people he loved,” added the actor and later added, “Thinking of the love of his family, of his children, of his grandchildren. him,” he said.

Talina Fernández did not resist and died this Wednesday, June 28 from severe leukemia (Image: Talina Fernández Fan Club/Instagram)

In addition, Coco points out that her mother was also affected by drugs and tranquilizers that were given to her to relieve pain, causing her to fall into a “drowsy state because of the amount of pain medication she took”, when She is in her final stages. . the period of illness caused too much discomfort to his body.

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Although recounting these events is heartbreaking, the missing person’s brother Mariana Levy added that his mother had come to say goodbye to “everyone”, adding that he had conveyed his final will. for the whole family.

“Let’s stay together… to make your family happy”, Coco Levy revealed, very painful before the death of her mother.

Finally, the 56-year-old actor publicly thanked José Manuel Fernández, the boyfriend of the late Mexican driver, for the time he spent with Talina, even during the most difficult moments after the diagnosis of the disease. disability.

Her son Talina Fernández speaks in front of the hospital (Image: Telemundo)Her son Talina Fernández speaks in front of the hospital (Image: Telemundo)

“José Manuel Fernández is with us, he is someone we will be forever grateful for because he made my mother so happy and loved as her life partner in her final moments, he will forever be. forever a part of us and with us all the way. He is a wonderful man,” concluded the youngest of the heirs of “The Lady of Good Words”.


Talina was discovered by Argentine actor and TV presenter Raúl Astor in an advertising agency, who invited her to join the crew of the variety show “La cosquilla” (1970).

Later, journalist Juan el Gallo Calderón invited her to participate in the women’s program Mujeres, mujeres y algo Más, along with Verónica Castro, Anel Noreña and Nubia Martí.

TV presenter made her television debut at the age of 26 in 1970 (Image: Talina Fernández/Instagram)TV presenter made her television debut at the age of 26 in 1970 (Image: Talina Fernández/Instagram)

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In mid-2022, Mariana Levy’s mother decided to withdraw from the media to be in a quieter environment, without too much media noise. More than half a century on top of television!

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