Quiz: You are a genius if you can count the number of watermelons in the picture in 10 seconds

Gyroscope: The gyroscope was created with the aim of stabbing the gray cells of the human brain. These activities stimulate the brain and help improve cognition by keeping the brain sharp.

Challenges can have different levels of difficulty and the reader needs to use logical and analytical thinking to solve the puzzles.

Regular exercise of such brain cells is useful for improving observation skills, consolidating memory and attention.

This is one of the difficult puzzles that caught the attention of netizens when asking them to guess the number of watermelons in a picture in 10 seconds.

Are you up for the challenge?

Let’s get started.

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Brain Puzzle – How many watermelons can you find in 10 seconds?

Source: Bright Side

In the image shared above, you can see that the watermelons are arranged in an unusual way.

This mind game challenges the reader to determine the number of watermelons by solving a puzzle.

To solve this puzzle you have to be very careful and understand the pattern.

This is a medium challenge and people with high intelligence and attention to detail will easily solve this puzzle.

Beginners may need a little more time, but with practice they can improve their skills.

How many of you recognize the number of watermelons in the picture?

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Hurry up; there’s not much time left.

Looking back at the picture, some watermelons appear to have been cut in quarters, while some watermelons appear to have been cut in half.

Now see if you can count the number of watermelons in the picture.

There are still a few seconds left.

It is quite confusing at first, but you need good observation skills to recognize the pattern to solve the puzzle.


Time has passed.

How many watermelons did you count in the limited time?

We hope that most of our readers have already counted how many watermelons are in the picture.

While it is common for some to miss.

Don’t get discouraged, keep practicing and you’ll keep improving.

You’re all probably curious to know the solution, right?

Check out the solutions below.

Puzzle – Solution

There are a total of 5 watermelons as shown in the image below:


Source: Bright Side

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