Raft: How To Get Explosive Powder

Explosive powder is a refined material raft Survivors will need to craft Net Pots, the ammunition used by the Net Launcher to tame livestock such as camels, goats, and crowing roosters. These animals can provide the player with valuable resources such as wool, milk, and eggs, opening up possibilities for new recipes or foods. Cattle also provide companionship on the lonely waves of the sea raft.

get dynamite raft, the player must obtain a substance called Explosive Goo. This resource is obtained by killing Poison-Puffers, a hostile aquatic creature that inhabits the waters surrounding large tropical islands, caravan islands, shipwreck islands, plane crash islands, and desert biome islands . Alternatively, Survivors can get Explosive Powder directly by digging through suitcases or safes found with metal detectors. However, the loot found in these containers is random; so hunting Poison-Puffers is in raft.

If the poison is nearby, raft Fans will see debris floating in a layer of green silt in the water. This button usually indicates that the Poison Puffer spawned area, but keep in mind that this is not always guaranteed. After making sure there are no sharks nearby, dive in and hunt for small round fish with yellow skin and spikes in this indie survival game.

dynamite craft in raft

As mentioned above, Poison-Puffers are enemies and will chase the player when provoked. If the fish gets too close to a survivor, it can swell abnormally and then explode into a cloud of toxic smoke. This explosion damages and poisons the player. Therefore, the best way to deal with this enemy is to shoot it with a bow and arrow from a distance. This tactic allows fighters to safely attack puffer fish and kites while swimming away until the fish dies.

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After killing a Poison Pufferfish, collect its remains for a drop or two of explosive slime. Next, raft Players can craft Explosive Powder by putting Goo in the Smelting Furnace. Explosive slime will create a burst of explosive powder after hours of play. With this powder, players can craft Nets to catch animals for their rafts. Additionally, explosives are required to craft fireworks, including makeshift rockets that the player must assemble on the caravan island to conduct the main campaign.

raft Available on PC.

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