Real Housewives Of Miami: All The Plastic Surgery The Cast Had Done

ladies true housewives of miami A lot has changed over the years and it’s time to share information about the cosmetic procedures they’ve had. This series gives viewers an insight into the lives of these upper-class wives who keep fans entertained and engaged every second. Whether it’s a conspiracy or ruining a party at the White House (yes, this White House), or get bumped at a lingerie party, the drama always goes down.

it won’t be a Real housewives Reality TV, if you don’t want to ruin the show. The show originated in Miami nightclubs in February 2011. Since then, the franchise has expanded into different parts of the United States, including California, New Jersey, Atlanta and New York, along with other places. rom It only had three seasons before it was canceled in 2013.

When ten women are constantly dealing with each other, one of them is bound to have to deal with the other. In this case, what makes them a bit competitive is their looks. These women, as always, love to take things to the extreme. When people have money to spend, a little plastic surgery seems like a no-brainer. Below is the plastic surgery process of the cast.

Elsa Barton

From her past looks, it’s clear that Elsa, who has sadly passed away, enjoyed plastic surgery and some fans think she overdos it. Elsa passed away at the age of 84 with a very unique look due to failed plastic surgery. In terms of face, the surgery makes her look very different from previous years, Mama Elsa by Andy Cohen rom Speaking at the show’s season 2 premiere. She talks about the surgeon who damaged her face. She didn’t always look like that, but she had an operation in the 80s that resulted in a hematoma (severe bruising) on ​​her eye that lasted three years.

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Lhasa Pippen

Lhasa Pippen RHOM cut

While Larsa did not announce that she had plastic surgery, fans have speculated that she has done at least some work over the years. In 2015, her lips look fuller than before. Allegedly she used Ultrashape to destroy fat cells lifestyle magazineIn 2017, some Larsa followers commented that she looked more and more like her best friend Kim Kardashian. They also wondered if the shape of her nose was slightly different.

Marisol Barton

Marysol Barton RHOM cut

this rom Star Marisol tops the list of other ladies when it comes to her plastic surgery experience. She’s had six surgeries, not one. Growing up, she had fuller breasts, she had breast reduction surgery when large breasts were no longer in vogue, according to bravo television. It causes large scars. However, due to the lack of growth, her breasts continued to grow. She has undergone several more breast surgeries, some to no avail. An operation made her feel that her breasts were too small, so she decided to have a breast augmentation. In another surgery, the implant was moved to her shoulder. After many surgeries, the implant appeared!

Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa from RHOM

Joanna started at a young age, she had breast augmentation surgery when she was 18 years old. This is the first of two breast augmentations she has had. The second is to fix her first program. Joanna is said to have admitted to regretting her first breast augmentation surgery acclaim. she speaks, “In high school, Pamela Anderson was my idol, so I got breast implants. ” She later added that when she was told her budding modeling career was in jeopardy because the implants were too big, she realized she needed to correct her mistake.

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Karen Teixeira

Renowned dentist Karent Sierra may have one of the best smiles on the Bravo red carpet, but she also has one of the best bodies thanks to her sculptural treatments. Instead of starting to change her face, True Housewife opted for a different form of body sculpting treatment. She even took part in a SculpSure trial to show which plastic surgery she prefers.

rice crust

Calent Sienna RHOM

Charming Cristy Rice doesn’t seem to work out. Because it only lasted one season, The Housewives didn’t have much of a presence at first. Her plastic surgery history doesn’t seem to exist, so she seems to prefer a more natural look. During her time on the show, she divorced her ex-husband, NBA player Glenn Rice.

anna quicos

Anna rom

Anna is quite possibly one of the most natural housewives as she hasn’t had plastic surgery to date. She spends her time shopping at the local farm store or creating a new sauce for her cooking video series. If she has free time, she works as a lawyer. Talk about a complete package!


Leah Black RHOM

Like many celebrities in Hollywood (or Miami in this case), Botox is a popular wrinkle treatment. Erika Jayne defends Lea Black having it all. From Botox to plastic surgery to fillers, there doesn’t seem to be much she hasn’t done. Online Radar Exclusive reports say Lea has had neck and face surgery, and sources say The Real Housewives can barely close her eyes.

Lisa Hochstein

Lisa is no stranger to undergoing surgery. The housewife started plastic surgery at the age of 18, switching from A cup to C cup. After nearly a decade, she decided to move away from C cup. She had another breast augmentation surgery because she wanted to. correct uneven shape of breasts, from C cup to D cup. even the old one players The model commented on her breasts because they look so natural.

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Alexia Echevarria

Talking about her plastic surgery past, Alexia’s ex convinced her to get breast implants more than 20 years ago. At the time, her boyfriend, a plastic surgeon, convinced her to let him slim her nose. As she got older, her nose became slimmer. Since then, she started using fillers to make her lips look fuller. She is very happy with the way she is now.

Adriana de mora

Adriana joins other housewives as she changes breasts. Unlike some others, she didn’t finish her job until she finished breastfeeding her son. According to acclaim. she speaks, ” It’s like a bone and a dangling nipple.“The reality TV star has no regrets about the breast augmentation. Although true housewives of miami Canceled since 2013, the franchise continues through a series of spin-offs that air weekly on Bravo TV. Plus, the reboot was filmed this summer.

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