Real-life dog ‘Lassie’ leads rescuers to her injured owner, who fell 20 feet in the woods

TV show called «Lassie» Bout is a car hero who helped rescuers find people in danger and save them.

A dog named Lassie is famous for saving his owner’s life. The owner of the dog fell from a height of 70m. The 53-year-old man suffered a broken rib and hip.

Calfire Rescue received a call about a missing person. Twenty-five searchers tried to find the man, but to no avail.

They couldn’t even imagine that the dog would warn the man in time.

The dog ran over the victim’s dog walking 200 meters in the woods, and he met two shamans and showed the lost man the way.

Fortunately, the man was saved by a cute and intelligent dog. The staff thanks for the quick thinking and hero border collie.

The dog had a delicious dinner and felt happy with his owner. The man is still alive and well thanks to the searchers and the dog.

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