Resident Evil: Mia Winters’ Name Is A Joke About RE7 & RE8’s Story

survival horror game Resident Evil VillageThe latest entry in the series, released earlier this year, sees the return of Ethan Winters’ wife Mia.Her characters in both games are strikingly similar – because of this, some began to speculate that her name was actually a joke hinting at the story of both games RE7 and RE8. There will be spoilers for both games ahead.

Resident Evil Village As a sequel to the event Resident Evil 7: Biohazardbut features returning characters from the previous game and some familiar mechanics RE8The game’s gameplay is generally considered to be more action-oriented than its the same time RE7 and RE8In the game, players control Ethan Winters from a first-person perspective. Additionally, both games were critically acclaimed, with many players quickly becoming attached to their protagonists.

While Mia is not the main character in either version, she is the focus of both Resident Evil Village also RE7. That being said, her impact on the story is relatively indirect. Mia was absent for significant amounts of time in both games – so much so that it even sparked speculation. RE7 and RE8 She was never really involved with these players in the first place. However, others have a more light-hearted theory about her and believe that Mia’s name is actually a humorous reference to her role in the story.

The secret reference behind Mia Winters’ name

“Missing in action” is a military term that is a casualty classification for personnel who are reported missing and therefore presumed dead during wartime or a ceasefire.Traditionally, this is abbreviated as “MIA” – so it didn’t take long to notice resident Evil Players put “two” and “two” together and associate the word with Mia Winters, the frequently missing wife of protagonist Ethan . Some have speculated that her name may be a reference to the fourth wall of the game’s plot – specifically her role in the game – that was added as a joke by the developers. At various points in both games, Mia is presumed dead, and her disappearance becomes a mystery for players to solve. The adjective “missing in action” fits her perfectly.

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plot Resident Evil 7 The story begins when Ethan begins to follow clues into Mia’s disappearance several years ago.Although Resident Evil 8 Not exactly following the same progression – players are supposed to assume Mia is killed at the start of the game, before learning that she’s actually missing again – her absence is also an important part of the game. It seems like the developers are fully aware that Mia has been missing from the series more times than she’s appeared in it, and her name could be their way of winking at players in that regard. That being said, there’s not necessarily official confirmation as to the inspiration behind Mia’s name, so for now it’s just another Mia-related theory. resident Evil fan.

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