RHOBH: Garcelle’s Son Jax Releases Statement About Online Bullying

true housewives of beverly hills Garcelle Beauvais star recently had to protect her son Jax Nilon from cyberbullying and the 14-year-old has released her statement to the public. When Jax goes to pick flowers at Garcelle’s birthday party, he accidentally gets caught up in a play about housewives. robbed Ha Star Erika Jayne shouted at Jax after getting drunk “Get out,” This leads Garselle to a confrontation with her partner. Erica later apologized for the incident and told Gaselle that she meant no harm. Dorrit Kemsley, who was sitting next to Erica, later told Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umanski. Both were laughing and angry. robbed Ha fan.

In a recent Instagram story, Jax shared a lot of comments on his latest post from cyber bulls, who seemed to be bothered by Garcelle’s feud with Erika, Lisa Rinna and Diana Jenkins. Some comments labeled his family immigrants and accused Gaselle of being greedy and uneducated. Others referred to Jax’s brother Oliver Sanders’ past drug addiction and called Gaselle a hypocrite for pointing out Erica’s recent excessive drinking. Jax said on Instagram that people should leave him alone because he is 14 years old. Garcelle said robbed Ha The fan said she was in tears all night because of the criticism towards Jax. Lisa also publicly commented that what happened to Jax was unacceptable.

Jax finally made his statement through Garcelle read, “Let me start off by saying that I’m a kid and don’t want to be seen as a full-grown adult because I’m not an adult. This is my first week in high school and I couldn’t enjoy it like most other kids at school, it was dealing with social media attacks.” Jax went on to say he didn’t sign up robbed Ha just want to be one “ordinary kids” ARE NOT “Middle-aged woman” Comment on his social media. He told fans that his Instagram account is not being used for advertising but as a way to connect with his peers. However, he says he now sees the need to stay private. Jax ended his statement by thanking the fans who supported him and left him “Positive reviews.”

Jax deleted his Instagram account after a series of malicious comments. Kyle’s daughter, Portia Umansky, also had to deal with the aftermath of the moment her mother laughed at Erica for being drunk. Kyle defended himself by saying robbed Ha Fans say that she doesn’t approve of Erica cursing Jax, but is mocking her companion. Many fans retaliated by leaving hateful comments on Portia’s Instagram page. She deleted the previous post and disabled comments on it.

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most packages robbed Ha The cast, including Kyle and Dorit, expressed their support. However, Erica and newcomer Diana Jenkins are still mothers. Garcelle, who had a feud with both Housewives this season, unfollowed Erica on social media after she was called a liar in a recent episode. Some robbed Ha Detectives have conducted an investigation and believe that the attacks were carried out by bot.many fans robbed Ha Disgusted with cyberbullying and wholeheartedly support Garcelle and Jax.

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source: Garcelle Beauvais/Twitter

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