‘RHOC’: Things Go South (of the Border) as the Tres Amigas Reunite in Mexico and Simmering Feuds Explode

Tres Amigas are back and keep mixing it up The Real Housewives of Orange County!

On Wednesday’s episode, Vicki Gunvalson brought the spoon to stir up the drama, surprising the ladies during their trip to Mexico — which was already supposed to be hot because Heather Dubrow is tired of answering for her alleged transgressions against Emily Simpson and Shannon Storms Beador.

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The friction picked up where it left off last week when Heather began explaining why she kept the sale of her $55 million Orange County home a secret and defended herself against Emily’s claims that Shannon cursed at her at BravoCon.

“The sale of the house is huge. Why did I think that sharing the good news would be greeted by anything but this bitch?” she said in a confessional interview as the video showed her leaving the dinner. “We’re just going to go around the table and say why are you mad at me? Does the waiter want to come and I’ll apologize to him too?”

Heather Dubrow at her home in Orange County. Source: Heather Dubrow/Instagram Heather Dubrow on why she kept Chateau Sale a secret: ‘Damned if you do, damned if you don’t’

While Shannon denied talking about Emily, Tamra Judge followed Heather to report.

“I’ve said it a thousand times,” explained a disgruntled Heather, “I’m tired of people lying about me, I’m tired of people saying I’m saying things when I’m not. I find it very interesting that Emily has a very amazing memory when it comes to anything I’ve said.”

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She continued: “I’m at a breaking point with everyone, like I feel like I’m taking a test for everyone, I’m held to a different standard. I feel like I can’t say anything right, I can’t do anything right.”

Heather Dubrow arrives at the 48th Gracie Awards

Heather Dubrow.

MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images

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At dinner, Jenn Pedranti confronted Shannon about her claim that there were “juicy” rumors about Jenn’s relationship with Ryan Boyajian that she had heard from Tamra.

“I just heard there’s a lot more stuff that hasn’t come out,” Shannon said. “I don’t know what it is.”

According to Jenn, she and Tamra have a mutual friend named Alex who goes to their gym. In a confessional interview, she claimed that Alex approached her and told her that Tamra was asking for information about her relationship.

Tamra, on the other hand, claimed that Alex was the girl Ryan had an affair with and that she reached out to the 56-year-old former CUT Fitness reality show owner to get back at him after her fight with Ryan.

Ryan Boyajian and Jennifer Pedranti attend the premiere for Peacock Original's "Based on a true story" at the Pacific Design Center on June 1, 2023 in West Hollywood, California.

Ryan Boyajian and Jennifer Pedranti.


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Elsewhere in the episode, the Tres Amigas reunited when Vicki surprised the group during their trip to Mexico. While playing a raunchy game of Truth or Dare, Jenn asked the group to ask Vicki a good “truth” to share since she didn’t know much about her.

Vicki suddenly stated, “I think you and I have a situation where we love a man who may not be the right person for us and you know that inside, but you don’t want to change a thing.”

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“Well Jenn looks confused,” Emily replied, easing the tension as Jenn scoffed, confused by her statement.

“The truth always comes out,” Vicki continued. “You can see it now, you can see it in a year, you can see it in three years, and you may never see it.”


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After assuring the group that she knew the details of Ryan’s past infidelities, Jenn told the cameras of Vicki’s revelation, “Vicki doesn’t know me and Vicki doesn’t know Ryan…Vicki knows Tamra and obviously — obviously, Vicki is hearing things from Tamra.”

The next day, while the group was enjoying breakfast, Tamra confirmed that she had discussed Jenna’s relationship with their “mutual friends.”

“Why are you doing that?” Jenn asked incredulously. “I don’t understand you, you always call me names, you are malicious and mean.”

Tamra Judge, Ryan Boyajian, Jennifer Pedranti

Tamra Judge, Ryan Boyajian, Jennifer Pedranti.

Jason Mendez/Getty; Andrew J Cunningham/Getty

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Jenn began to explain her side of the story, claiming that Alex had been dating Ryan during their breakup, but had never known her in person until Tamra interjected, “you never talked to her?”

“That’s a fucking fake question and you know it,” Jenn replied, anger rising in her voice. “So I don’t know why you don’t just say what you fucking want to say.”

She confirmed that she spoke with Alexa and claimed that she said that Tamra reached out looking for information, which Tamra vehemently denied.

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“If you need my s— to broadcast to be more relevant, then it’s good to f— you up,” Jenn shot back as Tamra claimed she cared about her and didn’t want her to get hurt. The 46-year-old yoga instructor didn’t believe her explanation, asking, “So your job is to deal with my fucking pain?”

“You destroyed your whole family,” Tamra began, prompting Jenn to scream, “I didn’t destroy my family, how dare you?!”

“You can’t sit there and be my friend and tell me I ruined my family.” she told the cameras. “I can hear and accept a difficult conversation, but not in the way you did. That’s not the way a friend talks or acts.”

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The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 8:00 PM ET on Bravo.

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