Richest cats in the world

A few weeks ago, fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld passed away, who still shocked the world by leaving a huge fortune to his pet cat.

That’s right – Karl decided to leave everything to Choupette, a Burmese cat who is often the star of his performances. The fashion designer took the cat everywhere, including the catwalk. The cat is his muse for the book, the bag, and the entire collection – it’s obvious he loves her.

However, Lagerfeld is not the first wealthy cat owner to leave his fortune to his cats (or cats). Ben Rea and Blackie

Ben Rea, a British millionaire, left £7 million to his cat Blackie, one of his 15, in the 80s. Blackie is officially the richest cat ever, a record certified by Guinness. Millions of dollars are actually divided among 3 animal charities that are obligated to take care of Rea’s beloved cat.

The whole Rea family clearly loves animals. Ben’s sister, Dorothy, is also a famous animal charity donor.Maria Assunta and Tomasso

Tomasso is an Italian cat who inherited an impressive fortune of nearly £9 million from his owner in 2011. Its owner, Maria Assunta, passed away in 2011, leaving behind many apartments and houses. Italian towns and cities for his beloved cat.

Although Tomasso did not directly inherit the money, Maria’s will made it clear that the money would go to a charity that would take care of Tomasso. Beryl Reid and her cats

Famous TV series actress Beryl Reid left her estate to her 5 cats. Boon, Coco, Tuffnel, Eileen and Hamish inherited a combined £1 million in 1996.

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It can be said that the previous 5 feral animals were taken care of for the rest of their lives. Leon Sheppard, Jake and Frisco

Leon Sheppard died in 2012, leaving behind a house worth nearly £200,000 and a 5,000-square-foot home for his two pets Jake and Frisco. Despite having 5 children and 12 grandchildren, Sheppard still decided to leave the property to her beloved cats.

Freddie Mercury and his cats

In 2003, a black cat named Tinker inherited £100,000 and a lavish house in London after the death of its owner, Margaret Layne. She even left a fund to her neighbors so they could take good care of Tinker until she passed away.

Ellen Frey-Wouter, Troy and the Tiger

Ellen Frey-Wouter is an American millionaire who left her cats Tiger and Troy £2.5 million in real estate and £230,000 in cash. This ensures that the cats will be well cared for after she passes away. In her will, Frey-Wouter stated that the remaining money would go to her sister, should the cats pass away too soon.

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