Sam Raimi Horror Movie May Be Getting A Sequel, Story In Development

drag me to hell There could be a sequel, Sam Raimi joked. The film, originally released in 2009, is evil death Director returns to thriller after leaving director Tobey Maguire and more Spiderman trilogy, a simple planAnd love for gamesIt tells the story of a young banker (Alison Lohman) who is cursed by an elderly woman (Lorna Laffer) when she refuses to renew her mortgage. While trying to learn how to reverse the curse, she is possessed by a demon named Lamia.

Remy recently participated in a reddit AMAs while promoting the new Adam Driver sci-fi movie 65that he produced.

One of the questions he was asked was whether there would be a sequel. drag me to hellThe filmmaker revealed that Haunted Mansion’s Romell Adam and Jose Canas are currently developing a story in which he is “Eager to hear“if possible”Come up with an effective story

What might drag me to hell 2 look like?

There are two main factors that allow the creation of a drag me to hell A challenging sequel that crosses the huge time gap between the original and the present. The first is the movie’s infamous ending. The story ends on the promise in its title, revealing that Loman’s character doesn’t actually break the curse, as she is dragged to hell in typical Sam Raimi brutal fashion while waiting for the train to arrive. .

The second problem is that Lohman has been out of the show since 2009. drag me to hellFrom 2015 to 2016, she only played small roles in three films with her husband Mark Neveldine. However, her retirement may coincide with the fact that her character may not return in the first place.

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The best path for the sequel drag me to hell It will likely follow Lohman’s character’s boyfriend, who was played by Justin Long in the original film. Long’s most recent success with the thriller Twist 2022 Barbarian, so he’s both a commercial name and could be ready to come back. If Raimi agrees to return as director, he could deal a real blow to his arm.

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