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Sanjay Dixit

Sanjay Dixit is a retired Indian Administrative Service officer (1986 batch) of Rajasthan cadre, Additional Chief Secretary to the Government. Advocate of Rajasthan and former secretary of the Rajasthan Cricket Association.He wrote several books on strategic issues and social issues, e.g.


Sanjay Dixit was born on Friday, July 15, 1960, in Jaipur, Rajasthan (age; as of 2023). His zodiac sign is Cancer. Sanjay Dixit graduated from Marine Engineering College, Kolkata. He completed his training at the Directorate of Marine Engineering Training (DMET).


Height (approximately): 5′7″

Hair color: black

Eye color: black

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parents and siblings

Not much is known about Sanjay Dixit’s parents and siblings.

Sanjay Dixit's parents

wife and children

Sanjay Dixit married lawyer Shruti Dixit on Thursday, June 4, 1987. They have two sons, the eldest Saumitra Dixit and Shrauteya Dixit, the latter is the founder, director and CEO of JD Digital Private Limited and the founding partner of 5 Dots Partners.

Sanjay Dixit and his family

Sanjay Dixit and his family

Sanjay Dixit and his wife Shruti Dixit

Sanjay Dixit and his wife Shruti Dixit

Sanjay Dixit's sons Shrauteya Dixit and Saumitra Dixit

Sanjay Dixit’s sons Shrauteya Dixit and Saumitra Dixit

Religion/Religious Views

Sanjay Dixit follows Hinduism.


Sanjay Dixit's autograph


Sanjay Dixit is a former Indian Administrative Service officer of 1986-batch Rajasthan cadre. Before joining the Indian Administrative Service, Sanjay Dixit served as a sailor in the merchant navy for four years. He serves as Additional Chief Secretary to the Government. Worked in Rajasthan for twenty years from 1998 to 2018. Sanjay Dixit has served in the Government of Rajasthan as Principal Secretary in various departments including the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Personnel and General Administration, and Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation. He has written books based on topics such as strategic issues, social issues, and agriculture. His book “Unbreakable India: The Decision on Article 370 and CAA”, published in 2019, provides a comprehensive analysis of two key events in India’s history; “August 24, 2020” traces Kashmir from pre-Islamic times to Partition of India.

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Krishna Gopeshvara - Rationalist Sanjay Dixit of Vrishnis

Krishna Yogeshvara - Kutil Dharma by Sanjay Dixit

Abolition of Article 370 and enactment of CAA By Sanjay Dixit

Unbreakable India - Decision on Article 370 and CAA, Sanjay Dixit


War of words between actresses Swara Bhaskar and Sanjay Dixit

On July 20, 2020, Sanjay Dixit tagged actress Swara Bhasker in his Twitter post, calling her a C-grade actress and even initiated A vote poll, Swara Bhasker tweeted in reply calling Sanjay Dixit a “creepy old uncle” who seems to be unemployed but has She was fascinated.

Honey @IAS Association , haven’t your officials done enough? This creepy old Uncle Ji looks like he has no job at all, and he’s a little obsessed with me! Please provide him with some counseling sessions. Because he seemed unfit to serve as an official in the Indian bureaucracy. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

— Swara Bhasker (@ReallySwara) July 20, 2020

Facts / Trivia

  • In 2009, Sanjay Dixit defeated IPL president Lalit Modi by a margin of five votes in the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) presidential election.
  • Sanjay Dixit brings new technology in date palm production to western Rajasthan.

I received my date product from Balmer today with great pride and satisfaction. Between 2008-10, I introduced tissue culture date palm cultivation in the deserts of western Rajasthan amid strong opposition. Today I can smile. IAS does give you the opportunity to make a change

— Sanjay Dixit (@Sanjay_Dixit) July 16, 2018

  • Sanjay Dixit is a prolific columnist on Indian language, culture, economics and history. “Religions Are Not the Same” (2019) is an article series divided into six distinct parts.
  • Sanjay Dixit is the founder of The Jaipur Dialogues and the host of the YouTube series “Weekly Dialogues”.

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