Sarah Franklin Injury Update, What Happened to Sarah Franklin?

Sarah Franklin Injury Update Follow Sarah Franklin’s inspiring journey as she recovers from a rare injury, quadrilateral space syndrome, which led to blood clots and required surgery. Discover her progress and determination to make a strong comeback to the volleyball court for the University of Wisconsin team.
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Who is Sarah Franklin?

Sarah Franklin is a redshirt junior outside hitter for the University of Wisconsin volleyball team. Known for her exceptional skills on the court, she was a key player for the Badgers, leading the team in kills during the previous season with an impressive total of 400 and an average of 3.51 kills per set. She also boasted a .230 hitting percentage.

In addition to her achievements at the college level, Franklin earned recognition as a third-team All-American by the American Volleyball Coaches Association. Her talents caught the attention of the U.S. Women’s National Team, and she had the honor of training with them during the spring. Unfortunately, her promising career was interrupted when she suffered from quadrilateral space syndrome, a rare disorder that led to blood clots and required her to undergo surgery.

Sarah Franklin Injury Update

Sarah Franklin has been dealing with quadrilateral space syndrome, a rare condition that resulted in blood clots and necessitated surgery. This injury has sidelined her temporarily from the volleyball court, but her recovery progress has been remarkable. With the support of the medical staff and her own determination, she is well on her way to making a return.

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Her coach, Kelly Sheffield, has been optimistic about her recovery, stating that she may be back on the court early and potentially ready to participate in practice from “Day 1.” Franklin’s positive attitude and dedication to her rehabilitation have impressed those around her, and her recovery has been ahead of schedule, indicating a strong likelihood of returning to her previous form.

What Happened to Sarah Franklin?

Sarah Franklin’s volleyball career was put on hold due to a rare condition called quadrilateral space syndrome, which led to blood clots forming in her dominant shoulder. As an outside hitter for the University of Wisconsin Badgers, she was a standout performer, leading the team in kills with an impressive record of 400 kills and an average of 3.51 per set during the previous season.

Unfortunately, this promising player had to undergo surgery to address the condition and has been on the road to recovery ever since. The injury caused her to miss out on the team’s international tour during the summer, but she has been working diligently with medical professionals to get back in shape and return to the court.

Sarah Franklin’s Determination in Overcoming Injury

Sarah Franklin’s journey back to the volleyball court has been defined by her unwavering determination and resilience. After being sidelined due to quadrilateral space syndrome and undergoing surgery to address the issue, Franklin has shown remarkable progress in her recovery. Her commitment to her rehabilitation program, coupled with the support of medical staff and her coaching team, has been instrumental in her rapid improvement.

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Kelly Sheffield, the head coach of the University of Wisconsin volleyball team, has been impressed with her drive and positivity throughout the process. Franklin’s dedication to her sport and her team has been an inspiration to all, and she’s expected to make a strong comeback once she receives the green light to resume playing.

Franklin’s Return on the UW Volleyball Team

The return of Sarah Franklin to the University of Wisconsin volleyball team is highly anticipated. As one of the team’s top players and last season’s kills leader, her presence on the court significantly enhances the Badgers’ chances of success. Franklin’s offensive prowess, evident through her remarkable record of 400 kills in the previous season, makes her an essential asset for the team’s lineup.

Her powerful hitting and competitive spirit inspire and motivate her teammates to elevate their game. With her potential return to the court early in the season, the team’s morale and confidence are expected to soar. Franklin’s resilience in overcoming the challenges of quadrilateral space syndrome serves as a testament to her determination and dedication to the sport. Her comeback story is likely to inspire and rally the team to push their limits and achieve new heights.

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