Scream 2022: Why Sam Sees Visions Of [SPOILER]

Warning: Scream 2022 is about to be revealed.

scream In 2022, Sam Carpenter joins the horror series – which is why Sam sees hallucinations of Billy Loomis, the original Ghostface. scream 5 Take a page from Wes Craven’s 1996 film by bringing back Billy, Sidney Prescott’s ex-boyfriend and one of the two serial killers in the original film. However, the way 2022 scream About his return is a big reveal in the story.

Originally from Woodsboro, Sam moved to another part of California for several years, but returned home after Ghostface attacked her sister, Tara. Like Sidney, Sam and her loved ones are targets of serial killers for specific reasons. Ghostface – who turns out to be Amber, Tara’s friend, and Sam’s boyfriend Richie – lured her back because of her connection to a dark secret from her past. Over the years, the secret has affected Sam so much that she begins to see hallucinations of Billy Loomis, often smiling or staring at her in mirrors and other reflective surfaces, making her extremely scared.

Sam is hallucinating about Billy because he’s her biological father — the important thing is that she’s as afraid of becoming a serial killer as he is. These fears have driven much of her past behavior and separation from her sister. Seeing Billy was essentially a visual expression of Sam’s subconscious fear. with Sam, scream Writers James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick try to tackle the idea that fathers’ sins cause great pain to their children. Billy plays Sam’s “Dark Passenger”, a term often used on TV shows skillful Describes the burden of past trauma that lingers and can cause someone to do bad things.

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Sam’s hallucinations of Billy come at a time when she is most anxious and raises questions about what else she can do – when she sees Belgium for the last time, Sam realizes she must stab Rich to death. . As Gale and Sidney mentioned earlier, she wasn’t sure about it. Billy, now a ghost of a dark past, represents how history repeats itself. It also comments on how past sinful actions continue to affect someone’s life. In this case, Billy’s murder in the original scream More than two decades after what happened, it sets off a chain reaction that haunts Sam and her family. Sam’s murderous specter hints at a possible future for her. With all the ghost-face impersonators, is Sam going to follow in Billy’s footsteps or can she stop it because she’s a better person?

scream Will definitely set up a potential sequel to explore these aspects in the future of Sam.inside scream In the franchise, it’s important to know the history of Ghostface’s murders, but Sam’s evil connection to Billy is very clear in her mind. Billy’s image may stop after the event in 2022 screamAfter all, Sam lightens himself up by telling Tara the secret that got her out of the small town of Woodsboro in the first place. Since Sidney and Gale also know the secret, Sam no longer has to suffer alone and she can finally be free.

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