Scrubs: 8 Things To Know About Zach Braff & Donald Faison’s Real-Life Friendship

Scrub Fans had a lot to be thankful for after the recent ATX Television Festival, as they saw many of the core cast members reunite on the panel and received news from show creator Bill Lawrence that a future reunion is very likely. to launch the series (via hollywood reporter). Lawrence clarified that with everyone’s busy schedules, fans shouldn’t be looking forward to a tenth season, instead, a movie or a single-episode special might be more realistic. Either way, viewers will be delighted to see the likes of JD, Turk, Elliot, Carla and Dr. Cox back on screen.

shown as Scrub Success is often due to the relationship between characters, and JD and Turk are undoubtedly golden. However, viewers are often disappointed to find that the real-life actors in these friendships aren’t nearly as close, and they often lose contact entirely after the show ends. However, that’s not the case for actors Zach Braff and Donald Faison (JD and Turk, respectively), who have spent the past few decades giving the world what audiences love to see from their characters brotherhood.

they are more than friends

exist Scrub, Turk and JD met in college and quickly became best friends. Their relationship is a stark contrast, as Turk is cool and athletic, while JD is nerdy and weird. Admittedly, it works.

In real life, Braff and Faison first met at a reading for the series pilot at their dining room table. Faison admitted in the interview that the moment they met reminded him of the first time he met his wife. “He’s my best friend, and it’s fair for me to say that,” he said, adding that even now he gets jealous when he sees Braff with other famous people (he and Ed ·Sheeran had some feud).

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They started a podcast together

scrub my musical

The start of the Covid-19 pandemic separated many people from their loved ones, but Braff and Faison made the most of it.These friends came together (literally) to create a series called “The Podcast” fake doctor, real friendwhich continues to release new episodes every week.

In each episode, the pair will watch Scrub and comment on their memories of certain scenes, interactions with other actors, etc.These two are just as funny as they are on the show, with their witty comments and Scrub The nostalgia makes it a must-listen for any fan.

They team up to create a Super Bowl ad

Zach Braff stars in T-Mobile commercial with Donald Faison

if fans missed fake doctor, real friend While on the podcast, they likely watched the 2022 T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial in which Braff and Faison reunited to play fake neighbors.The ad ranks as the second most viewed Super Bowl ad on YouTube, no doubt once again thanks to the adorable ad Scrub The chemistry between the two is impeccable.

during an interview hollywood reporter“I wish we lived next door and we could sit on the front porch and talk. It’s a perfect concept for us,” Braff said, showcasing the friends’ close relationship.

They are roommates in real life

Turk and JD are wearing scrubs and looking at each other lovingly

When JD and Turk aren’t saving lives at Sacred Heart, they’re likely playing weird games at the apartment to pass the time, or training their stuffed dog Rowdy. The pair made roommates seem like fun, but it turns out Braff and Faison were roommates in real life, too.

after they finished the first season ScrubLead characters Braff and Faison had to move to New York over the summer to work on other projects.during an interview QFaison explains that to save money, they decided to rent a place together and spend most of the summer playing ping pong in their underwear (very much JD and Turk). They had grown close, but both credit that summer with cementing their friendship.

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They currently live only a few streets apart

Zach Braff stars in T-Mobile commercial with Donald Faison

Gone are the days when they roomed together as bachelors in New York City. Faison is now married to Cassie Cobb and they have six children.Braff most recently played a father of nine at Disney cheap by a dozenTell collider“I live a very quiet life. I don’t have kids. I live in a quiet neighborhood.”

Thankfully, though, Braff and Faison can enjoy their lives in close proximity to each other. The pair reported to GQ that they live just a few blocks away, so no matter how busy their lives get, they’re never too far away.

They are not afraid of physical affection

JD and Turk dress up like classic gangsters and dance in their trainee uniforms

exist ScrubTurk and JD have a unique relationship compared to what was common on screen in the early 2000s.While both characters clearly show their attraction to women, they’re never afraid to show each other physical affection, JD’s many fantasies Scrub They are closer than some of the couples in the show. This cuddling and snuggling has helped them earn their reputation as one of the best bromances on television.

in their interview Grid QBoth Braff and Faison explained that the characters weren’t originally written that way but evolved from their real-world emotions. “I think we showed guys that it’s OK to be a little touchy. It’s OK to be the friend who says ‘I love you,'” Faison said.

feison once pranked braff on a punk band

Zach Braff on The Graham Norton Show

In 2005, Braff and Faison appeared on the MTV show punk style, the latter pranked the former by pretending some teenagers had vandalized Braff’s new car with spray paint. The episode was hilarious, but it gave us a fresh look at the pair’s friendship in the real world.

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Years later, Braff spoke about the experience online the graham norton show, explaining that viewers haven’t seen everything that happened. Apparently, Faison treated Braff so well that Braff almost punished the saboteur (the real actor) with a “beating.”

Faison gets married at Bluff’s

Turk and Kara wear scrubs to their wedding

Donald Faison is married to Cacee Cobb, and Braff seems to be involved in every step of their relationship. The pair reportedly met at Bluff’s 30th birthday party in 2005, and then in 2012, the couple held a beautiful country-themed wedding in their backyard in Bluff.

Picture shared on Martha StewartThe website shows the happy couple spending their special day with Braff. Since then, Faison and Cobb have had two children, both of whom are lucky enough to have Braff as their godfather.

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