See what happens when a Labrador dog betrayed by its owner feels love

They told us about a labrador with a broken back… Owners tied it up near the vet clinic and left, androdass wrote. We immediately drove there to pick him up.

We learned that this dog was hit by a car about a year ago, its owners hoped it would recover without the help of a veterinarian, but a year later the dog is still alive. hasn’t recovered…it can’t walk, it can’t’ not control her urination. The owner was too tired to take care of him, so she took him to the clinic for euthanasia.

After the veterinarian refused to kill the dog, the owner left the dog near the clinic. His name is lucky…but this name doesn’t bring him luck, so we gave him a new name. We named him Alex and today he started a new life.

We went to the vet clinic for a checkup. The vet said that if Alex had received medical attention immediately after the injury, he would now be able to walk on his own, but because it has been so long he can only walk in a wheelchair.

Alex has a bladder infection, skin problems, his condition is bad. he needs intensive care… He remains in the clinic to receive all the necessary medical care .3 weeks later.

Better for him that it’s a special day for him.. He runs for the first time after being injured… He has a new friend, Lada. He is very happy and enjoying every second of his new life.

And now when he is learning to walk for the first time, Alex is very naughty, he loves toys and his favorite is a ball. We are so glad we were able to save Alex and change his life.

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