Selling Sunset: Jason Oppenheim’s Age, Exes, IG, Job, Hometown & More

Jason Oppenheim is one of the show’s most important actors for sale sunsetFans certainly want to know more about his life outside of reality TV.When reality TV viewers meet Jason on the show sale sunset In the first season, he is a 41-year-old real estate agent who already runs the Oppenheim Group with his twin brother Brett. A big part of his storyline on the show also involves his past romantic relationship with co-star Mary Fitzgerald.

On the other hand, it quickly becomes apparent that Jason and Mary are good friends and colleagues. Even though Mary is in a relationship with now-husband Romain Bonet, there’s absolutely no bad blood, jealousy, or drama between them and Jason. As the seasons went on, Jason was portrayed as a very tough but very fair boss. In the summer of 2021, Jason and Krischel Stace announced that they had started dating. However, a few months later, in December 2021, Jason and Krischel broke up.

for sale sunset Fans feel like they’ve gotten to know Jason pretty well on the show, but the average viewer still doesn’t know many personal details about him. It turns out that Jason is 44 years old. His birthday is April 12, so he will be 45 in the spring of 2022. Jason was born in Palo Alto, California, so he was a native Californian from birth. According to LinkedIn, Jason worked as an agent for many years in his career. He then founded the Oppenheim Group in December 2013, marking the 8th anniversary of the company’s official establishment.

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Jason is undeniably one of the most popular stars for sale sunset. His twin brother Brett keeps a low profile on and off the show, but Jason has no problem being a reality star. Jason can be found on Instagram as @jasonoppenheim, where he has approximately 1.1 million followers as of this writing. Talking about his love life, Jason’s most famous ex-girlfriends are Mary and Chrishell from the United States. for sale sunset, but he has other exes who are simply not as famous as his Netflix co-stars. Season 4 ended by teasing Jason and Chrishell’s new relationship as a major storyline for Season 5. So now that they’ve broken up, it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out in the next season.

No release date yet sale sunset Season 5, but it seems it will come sooner rather than later.Currently, Netflix is ​​leveraging for sale tampa The series is OC for sale spin off.That being said, fans can’t wait to see what happens next sale sunset.

Sources: Jason Oppenheim/Instagram, Jason Oppenheim/LinkedIn

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