Sex Education: fans saying same thing about show’s return

The fourth season of Sex Education is finally back on our screens, and fans are already eagerly watching the hit series for the final installment. Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, fans and reviewers shared their thoughts – and it’s fair to say it sounds like the beloved series is going out in style.

One person wrote: “Absolutely adored S4 of #SexEducation. It broke my heart and captured some of the relative turmoil, joy and devastation I experienced as a teenager. A truly unbeatable series that did more to normalize female pleasure than sex ever did.” in real life . Aimee is forever my favorite.”

WATCH: Trailer for the fourth season of Sexual Education

Another person added: “Had the pleasure of watching the whole last series of #SexEducation. I found it a bit disjointed at first but things soon smoothed out. Episode 6 in particular was incredibly well done. Fans will enjoy it.” A third person posted: “Absolutely loved the last season of #SexEducation, which is as witty, warm and sexy as the previous 3 seasons. Just complaining? Even with the great ending, it seems like there’s still a lot of life left in the show and could last for many more seasons.”

Newcomers in the 4th season of sexual education

However, not everyone was thrilled, with one reviewer adding: “The last season of #SexEducation is my least favorite. Got what they wanted, but the end result is far more disjointed than it should have been. Having said that, it’s still better than 90% of the series and there are so many scenes that made me laugh or cry or simply moved me deeply.”

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In the final season, Otis, Eric and some of their fellow Moordale students go to Sixth Form College after the school closes, while Maeve studies in the US, Jean struggles to reconcile life with a newborn and Adam decides what to do with his life after deciding not to continue his education at school.

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