Shocking moment furious cyclist confronts DPD driver for parking on the pavement -but gets instant ‘karma’ moments later

THIS is the shockingly hilarious moment an angry cyclist confronts a DPD delivery driver for parking on the pavement – before falling victim to “karma” just moments later.

Resident Heidi Cooper witnessed two men in a screaming fight outside her home in Bradford, Yorkshire.


A bicyclist tried to cross the sidewalk where a DPD driver was parkedCredit: Kennedy News
A cyclist shouts at a driver that he is not allowed to park on the road


A cyclist yells at a driver that he should not be parked on the road Credit: Kennedy News
The man then tells his rival that he has more 'rights' than him


The man then tells his rival that he has more ‘rights’ than himCredit: Kennedy News

The 29-year-old woman was picking up her parcel when the incident quickly escalated on her doorstep.

Ms Cooper’s CCTV showed the enraged cyclist wearing an Aldi vest demanding a DPD courier move his car off the pavement so he could cycle on the pavement.

And the conflict escalated when the cyclist told the driver that he was not allowed to park on a yellow light.

The video shows the angry DPD worker then reply, “You shouldn’t be driving on the crosswalk either, n*bhead.”

Things got even more heated when the driver angrily yelled after the cyclist: “That’s illegal, I’ll fuck you.”

In response, an Aldi worker can be seen cycling the bike back and riding at full speed towards the courier.

However, the cyclist received instant “karma” when he hit the brakes just a few meters from the woman and flew over the handlebars.

The man rammed his shoulder into Heidi’s wall and fell at their feet.

The angry Aldi worker then confronted his rival and shouted: “I’ve got more fucking rights than you.”

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Heidi, who stood in front of the men the whole time, explained: “I was just there thinking ‘I don’t want to get involved in this’.

“It’s a main road and there was no place for him to park so he stopped on the road to try to be quick.

“When the cyclist muttered something about not parking on the road, everything escalated.

“I thought the man was going to ride off, but when he turned around I was worried there was going to be a fight.”

Heidi said she was too shocked to laugh and tried to put a door between her and the “madman” as a barrier.

She said: “I didn’t even laugh at the time. I was in absolute shock because I didn’t expect it to go over the handlebars and straight into the wall.”

The mum-of-two claims she doesn’t blame the DPD driver for the incident – despite him being parked on double yellow lines.

Instead, she thinks the cyclist’s fall “serves him well” because he tried to intimidate the courier.

The owner of the house, who lives on a road with a 30 km/h limit, explained that the area is normally busy and that deliverymen regularly stop there despite the signs.

“I blame the cyclist and I don’t think the driver did anything wrong, but I can understand why people would think he shouldn’t have stopped there.

“I was in complete shock. This is definitely the most dramatic birth I’ve ever had,” she said.

Aldi and DPD have been contacted for comment.

It comes after a video posted on TikTok initially showed two men arguing over where a man parked, but quickly turned into a profanity-laced rant as the situation escalated.

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He then tried to 'intimidate' the driver by riding his bicycle towards him


He then tries to ‘intimidate’ the driver by cycling towards himCredit: Kennedy News
But instead he is seen going headfirst over the handlebars and falling to his feet


But instead he was seen going headfirst over the steering wheel and falling to his feet Credit: Kennedy News
Heidi witnessed the entire fight from her doorstep


Heidi witnessed the entire fight from her doorstepCredit: Kennedy News

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