Sick and neglected puppy asked for help for both himself and his friend, showing his paws to passersby

In Romania, two dogs named Hugo and Elsie were in bad shape when they were seen by Ray Animal Rescue. Rescuers searched for the dogs for nearly an hour after receiving a call from a kind man who happened to see the small dogs.

The moment a dog named Elsie was noticed by one of the rescuers. The dog just extended his hand towards her while wagging his tail for help. Though it’s simple though about his friend Hugo. He just didn’t want to leave him alone.

After a short while, the two dogs were taken by car to a veterinarian in the area. Elsie’s skin was red and very painful. She needed a medical bath for almost two months.

The two puppies were taken to an animal shelter, where Hugo was immediately adopted.

Unfortunately, Elsie the dog still struggles to find a permanent home for her massive size because no one likes her looks.

After six months, Elsie was noticed by Andreea and Mario and they adopted him. The couple knows the story of this cute dog.

Here is a video of a stray puppy:

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