Sims 4 High School Years DLC Fixes A 22-Year Problem

Latest expansion pack The Sims 4, High school, announced in late June and set to be released in July 2022. This DLC focuses primarily on the teenage years, specifically the Sims’ high school experience.While teens can always do homework, work on school projects, or even go on field trips The Sims series, The Sims 4of High school The expansion pack marks the first time that high school will be a fully playable experience similar to its predecessor, college The Sims renew. The Sims 4 There may finally be something done to address some of the issues that have persisted since the series began.

There are about a dozen expansion packs The Sims 4, and that doesn’t include all the smaller games and data packs released since the game’s launch in 2014.Although the cost of purchasing each expansion pack can be high The Sims 4they’ve done a lot to flesh out the base game. The Sims 4 It was heavily criticized when initially released.Many features are staples from older games, such as The Sims 2 and 3 Removed from the latest entry in the series. While eight years of updates and DLC have brought back much of what players initially missed, there’s still room for improvement.Fortunately, EA doesn’t seem to be giving up The Sims 4 soon because The Sims 5 Nothing has been hinted at, let alone confirmed.

High school Just the latest attempt to improve and refresh The Sims 4 long-term for both parties The Sims Fans and newcomers to the series. The trailer shows after-school parties, soccer and cheerleading, among many other activities and events. New dating and hangout spots, social interactions, and even fashion options will provide players with a way to develop their Sims before they enter young adulthood. Now, high school is a fully playable experience rather than a rabbit hole, and they also have the opportunity to spend more time actively playing as The Sims before they grow up.exist The Sims 4, the early years are crucial for shaping your Sims’ personalities, especially for role players. It’s fitting that high school should be no exception.

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In past Sims games, high school was a rabbit hole

A feature of the school from the beginning The Sims game, but with subtle changes in each the same time The Sims and The Sims 2, the schoolhouse for all children and teenagers is located off-screen. The Sims will leave them with a lot to work with, but players won’t be able to actually see or interact with the buildings. The Sims 3 Still makes its school a rabbit hole, but the buildings are at least on the map. The “rabbit hole” refers to the following locations The Sims A place where players cannot venture. Sims enter, complete off-screen tasks within a set amount of time, and return to a playable state upon completion. The Sims 4 It drew criticism for much of its efforts going down rabbit holes, preventing players from actually interacting with their Sims and the world around them for long periods of time.

Fortunately, over the course of the series, a variety of professions have been added that can be actively participated in rather than just serving as a rabbit hole.However, the first real-life example of a non-rabbit hole schooling experience is The Sims 2: University, the game’s first major DLC.exist sims university In the expansion, Sims can attend college and actively work to gain skills in order to graduate. There are also a lot of social opportunities that players haven’t been able to take advantage of before. The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 Later everyone added their own version of the college theme extension. But so far, there’s been nothing similar in high schools. In addition to assisting Sims with homework and projects, and occasionally hanging out with classmates after school, The Sims 4 For much of the Sims’ teenage years, there’s little for the player to do.

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How High School Works in New The Sims 4 DLC

The Sims 4 High School Years DLC solves 22 years of rabbit hole problems

this High school The expansion will not only add schools back into the game as actual buildings, like The Sims 3, but it will also allow players to enter these buildings and actively play as their Sims.this The Sims 4 High School Period The trailer shows Sims walking through the halls, playing sports on the field, and sitting in class taking exams.although The Sims 4 Fans will have to wait until July 28 to actually see how many of these features the game itself has, and the concept is promising at least in terms of interactive gameplay. Customizing lockers, playing pranks on other students, and attending end-of-year graduation ceremonies also help spice up the schooling experience. The school even holds dances.

There are a few other features introduced in the game, but arguably none are more exciting for long-time players The Sims 4 Players than ever have the chance to actually take their Sims to school, all in The Sims 4of High school Seems to add quite a bit of complexity to the game. Extracurricular activities like chess club and computer club make it easier for teenage Sims to make new friends, which was previously a challenge when they spent most of their time down the rabbit hole of high school.Homeschool lessons are being fleshed out, with Sims taking advantage of new interactions like pillow fights, which have been included in previous lessons The Sims But has been absent from the game The Sims 4 so far.Sims can design and sell their own clothing High school In the DLC, teen Sims will now reach puberty.Body hair will appear in the base game and the latest game The Sims 4 The expansion will be released in late July.

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Of course, there are many other weak links The Sims 4 This may be strengthened in the future. While an open world is unlikely, The Sims 3, will soon be reintroduced to the series, likely with more open neighborhoods and other large areas for Sims to walk around.More non-rabbit hole classes would also be beneficial for players who are tired of everything The Sims 4 Currently available.Further customization options, perhaps more akin to a color wheel The Sims 3, can you introduce it. However, for now, High school Working to solve this long-standing problem The Sims It could be a sign that EA will try to improve some of the most criticized aspects of the series in the future.

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