Sister Wives: How Robyn’s Ex-Husband Is Related To Kody & Christine

Robyn Brown was married to David Jessop before marrying Kody Brown sister-inlaw In season 1, there are other connections between Robin’s ex-husband and members of her current polygamous family. According to fans of the show, Robin’s ex bears a striking resemblance to Cody. From David and Kody’s connection, to Robyn’s first husband to Christine Brown, how these families are connected.

Many of Cody’s marriages were full of conflict despite a long decade in the Browns sister-inlaw Run, Robin admits her first marriage was turbulent. Specifically, Robin shared that David was abusive, which caused her to leave David and take their three children with her. Robin doesn’t talk much about David, but sister-inlaw Fans managed to find a photo of Robin’s ex-husband and pointed out that Robin’s ex-husband looks a lot like Cody. One surprising explanation for their similarity is that Robin’s ex-husband is related to Cody and Kristen.

EQUAL sister-inlaw Fans know that Cody and his mate have a lot in common in their genealogy. For example, Janelle Brown married Meri’s brother before she left him to join Kody’s polygamous marriage. Fans recently discovered that Robin’s ex-husband is also related to a remarried member of the Brown family. Redditor, moonbee33, shared a photo of David and admitted, “I don’t know Cody and [Robyn’s] The old one looks the same. “ Followers of the Brown family later revealed that the similarities between Robin’s husbands could be explained by their shared genetic makeup. One fan joked about the resemblance between Cody and David, “They are related, so [Robyn] Be sure to leave it at home. “ Despite the distance between Cody and David, some fans were saddened to learn that Robin wasn’t as far away from her ex as she thought.

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In spite of sister-inlawViewers may suffer from the close relationship between Cody and David, with viewers asserting that it was normal for the Mormons of Utah to be related to each other because they had so few ancestors. Robin may want to forget about David after divorcing him, but fans insist TLC The reality star is married to her third cousin. As if the fact that Kody and David were third cousins ​​wasn’t weird enough, sister-inlaw Fans also claim that Robin’s ex-husband has a closer relationship with Christine. One commenter explained, “I believe [David and Christine] Those are cousins. “ Oddly enough, this confirms that Kody and Christine are also distantly related, as another recalled, “Kristen and Cody are related by blood to their great-grandparents.”

After surviving an abusive marriage to David, Robin tries to turn her life around, but now she finds herself in a different predicament. Robyn’s ex-husband is related to Kody and Christine Brown, as pedigree in the Mormon community makes many Utah residents distantly related. Hope Christine gets married again after leaving Kody and can find someone who is not of the same bloodline as her sister-inlaw Season 17.

Source: moonbee33/Reddit

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