Skyrim Elianora Home Bundle Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Includes new free content from Creation Club, including the Elianora Home Bundle. The bundle includes three unique houses in different locations for players to move into.Players will need to access the Creation Club from the main menu and download it for the content to become part of the playable experience horizon.

horizonThe Creation Club features community-produced content for players to purchase, download, and add to their games.A large number of creations have been officially added Skyrim Anniversary Edition, players who purchase the new version of the game can download content for free.To use Creations in the game, players need to go to the main menu, select Creation Club, download the Creations they want to use, and then restart horizon. Once the content is downloaded, players can begin to experience it.

Various creations included for free in the Anniversary Edition horizon, such as Courthouse Ghost and Elianora Home Bundle. Elianora’s bundle includes Tundra Homestead, Shadowfoot Sanctum, and Myrwatch. Each of the three houses has unique features and themed furnishings that suit the location.Choosing a home may depend on what character the player chooses and how they behave in the world horizon.

All Elianora Home Bundle content for Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Tundra Homestead is one of three homes included horizon Elianora Family Pack by Creation Club. The self-contained house is located in Whiterun just outside the city and can be purchased from the Lord’s Housekeeper in Long Bay. Houses also come with crafting stations available, and players can have spouses or adopted children in their tundra home.

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Players who want a good rogue character should make their home in the Sanctuary of Shadowfoot, which can be purchased from the Tattered Flagon in the Riftway of the V’kr. The home is located below the Riften Ratways and has a private sewer entrance.Shadowfoot Sanctuary includes a hidden room that can be quickly accessed horizonThe Thieves Guild allows players to easily improve their thieving skills and have private areas to store treasure.

Myrwatch requires players to complete a short mission rather than purchase a house. The quest can be started by interacting with Han’s Journal in the Tower east of Mortar. Players can complete quick missions by using fire spells on the circular sigil outside the tower. Once the tower is unlocked, players will have full access to the Myrwatch home, which includes a portal to move between floors and various crafting stations to use.

The three houses in Skyrim’s Elianora Home Bundle each have themed decorations and features, such as access to the Thieves’ Guild from Shadowfoot Sanctuary.This bundle is free to create and is included in Skyrim Anniversary Editionbut players will still need to download houses to access them in-game.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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