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Many music games are often defined as being played only by a wide variety of music connoisseurs. The concept doesn’t make sense when anyone can enjoy music. You can even compose your own famous tunes. Today I will introduce to you such a game. It’s 3D Color Smash. Music lovers will not be able to ignore this wonderful product. Immerse yourself in vibrant melodies and colors with Smash Color 3D. Create world famous great music.

Obstacle game development. The developer has a variant of Smash Color 3D. Turn it into a music game where you have to overcome obstacles to compose your favorite tunes. Own a world famous pick. The game will take you into an endless musical space. Blend into the song you’re playing with magical effects. Help your eyes and hands feel the magic of captivating melodies. If you don’t know more about this game, what are you waiting for?

Download Smash Color 3D – Make your own music

As mentioned earlier, Smash Color 3D is a musical game represented by an obstacle course element. In each level we will play and compose the exact tune of a famous piece. The duration of each stage will be equal to the length of the song. First, you choose any song you like. Press the play button and start, you will be transported into space as if you were in outer space. The same ball is in the middle of the screen. This will be what you control throughout the level. The next thing is to wait for the tune to play. You will begin your performance.

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The ball will move forward, and it can move in a 360-degree circle throughout the game. When the song’s melody plays. Arcs of different colors will appear on the screen. Every time the ball touches the arc. It’s like the melody of that song. It looks very harmonious and uniform, so it is very eye-catching. The main problem is that you have to touch the ball on the same arc as the current color. If the colors are different, the song stops and the game ends. But that’s okay, you can completely play again and avoid your mistakes.

Beat Color 3D Mod Mod

It is true that Smash Color 3D has over a hundred different songs. Depending on the type in the market and the tastes of the audience. Mainly, the game prioritizes the top hits on the world charts. New releases and even one-off masterpieces from the 20th and early 2000s and 2010s are not only diverse in number, but you can also experience their unique remixes. Can give you a whole new taste in music. What matters is whether or not you can move your ball to those energetic tunes. Because at the climax or chorus of the song. Obstacles will appear faster and faster.

Crush Color 3D Mod

Animations and effects when playing

The visuals of each song are equally important. When they create the most beautiful and attractive overall picture for players. Except for the usual scenes in outer space. Smash Colors 3D also offers various animations, you can try them all. Like the magical blue grid space. Stardust space and colorful planets. Endless space, pure white notes. Each scene will bring you a new experience. Even if you play or not play the same song. You can also feel the unexpected difference in it.

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Free 3D Color Smash

change your ball

The ball you control plays an important role in creating the tone. But you can also change the illustrations and their style. In this way, songs can be played in a new and exciting way. Use diamonds to turn into other colors or watch ads. Change it up with colorful colors like rainbow, pokeball, beach volleyball, etc. Even complete shape changes like Superman Chibi, Thorn Ball and many more special shapes. Not only the shape is changed, but also the way the effects in the game screen are changed. Make the song more dynamic and stand out.

Smash Color 3D mod for free

A beautifully designed and creative music game. Added many very new magic effects. Smash Color 3D is the best tool for you to experience music in a whole new way. Now turn on your smartphone, download the game and play with your friends. Enjoy songs anytime, anywhere. Famous tunes, timeless music will be created by you. All of these will appear in the Smash Color 3D mod.

Download Smash Color 3D MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money, Unlock VIP)

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