Smile: What Is The Entity & Why Does It Make Its Victims Grin Like That?

Finn Park Smile Stands out as one of the best horror movies of 2022 in part because it keeps viewers curious about this evil entity and why it makes its victims smile before killing them. Adapted from a short film by Finn Laura is still awakehorror feature Smile as a metaphor for trauma and how it became omnipotent. The film borrows famous stories from other horror movies such as ring And really cooltells its story while at the same time bringing something completely new and mysterious to the genre.

Smile Follow Rose, a therapist who begins to hallucinate after witnessing one of her patients take his own life. She learned that patients had also witnessed people die by suicide, a pattern that had existed for many years. It’s clear that Rose’s hallucinations aren’t just inside her head, but that she’s being taunted by a monster or virus-like entity that will decompose its victims before possessing them and using them. use their bodies to kill them in front of witnesses. Serving as an allegory for how trauma can be passed on to others, the entity then claims witnesses as its next victims, a cycle that can only be broken when one is infected. killer disease.

What does the entity really want from a smile?

entity in Smile Supported by trauma and thrived on nurturing people’s pain. Smile It’s an improvement over other movies of its kind when it comes to demonic powers, as it doesn’t need to possess a vessel to maintain its powers, and its contagious nature makes it hard to hit. lose. It can be speculated that due to the difference in their behavior, SmileThe entity is a collection of spirits, which quickly devour its victims and move on to the next, only gaining more power. moment between ross and entity Smile Support this theory because it tells Rose that she will always be with it.

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Above all, the symbolic nature of this entity shows the difficulty of overpowering thought. Smilebelong to The entity that can make Rose see things that others cannot, and even show her brutal hallucinations. This leads to SmileThe dark turn ends with the entity convincing her that she has defeated it and has indeed gone home. The film’s sinister entity uses the way trauma spreads from person to person to ensure that it can overwhelm Rose and its former victims as they all eventually succumb to the monster. .

Why does the entity make the victim smile?

smile movie

The most disturbing thing about Entity in the film is the way it makes its victims smile and then forces them to take their own lives. In addition, all the other times the entity appeared Smile, it had exactly that sinister smile disguised as another person. Given the film’s common themes of mental health, Smile’s implication is that the most typical way to deal with emotional pain is to smile at the world, rather than confront any inner demons. any. Therefore, Smilebelong to The entity also mocks the pain they are experiencing and the general human response to mental health, by making the victim grin and endure it.

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