Southern Charm: Why Leva Bonaparte Stands Apart From The Cast

Leva Bonaparte participates Southern charm The cast is on Season 7, and there’s a big difference between her and the rest of the cast so far. Leva was already a part of it Southern charm Has been friends with Cameran Eubanks since season 1. While she was mostly behind the scenes, Leva often commented on Shep Rose and Craig Conover’s romantic lives.

The following Southern charm In season 6, Cameran decided to leave the show after Kathryn Dennis spread rumors that her husband, Jason Wimberly, was having an affair with a local makeup artist. Leva joins Southern charm Part 7 replaces Cameran as the official actor. She quickly got busy with Catherine, whom she wanted to confront over allegations of fraud. However, Leva felt she had to “teach” Catherine speaks out about race after the monkey emoji scandal

is the first official actor Southern charm As a woman of color, Leva felt a lot of pressure in her first season. The restaurant owner is also married to her Black husband, Lamar Bonaparte, with whom she shares their son, Lamar Jr. Although Lamar is often away from home Southern charm, fans commented on how different their lives were compared to other actors. Leva, 43, is older than many of her co-stars and seems more focused on family and career than drama between the two. Southern charm Star.

Some Southern charm Fans have accused Leiva this season of being boring and not delivering enough drama. However, due to Leva’s stable relationship with Lamar, her life is not as conflicted as her single partner’s. Southern charm. Lamar also didn’t appear much on the show, and many believe Leva chose to keep her marriage a secret. Shep, about Leyva’s age, is reluctant to settle down despite her close relationship with Tyler Ann Green. Southern charm The actors are all in their 20s or early 30s and unmarried.

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from Southern charm Season 7 movie with Kathryn, Leva shared that she wants to be the peacemaker and mediator in season 8. As usual, Kathryn is at the center of almost every conflict in the latest season. This time, however, Naomie Olindo and newcomer Venita Aspen find themselves at odds with the fiery redhead. Leva, you describe yourself as “Mom” group, low level content Southern charm Season 8.

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